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Default Looking for some help with Might & Magic, as a customer

February 15th, 2018, 04:31
I'm going to try to keep this as concise as possible. I'm looking to buy the old Might & Magic games. I own a MacBook with no disc drive. I know my battle is uphill. So here's where I have my issue, it's these choices:

1> Get the set on GOG for stupid cheap (M&M 1-9 for $7 total on sale), but I don't know the specifics of what I'm getting. Does it come with World of Xeen and Swords of Xeen? What version are the games? Does it have voices or not? Is it patched, or is it a direct rip of the original discs? The review section is filled with comments like: "Don't download, this version has advertisements. I don't know how many because I haven't played it. 5 out of 5 stars" (not an exaggeration). I don't care how cheap something is, I need to know what I'm buying before I buy it, especially if your review section is filled with people that never actually bought your product.

2> Get 1-5 (Ultimate M&M Archives) or 1-6 (Mandate of Heaven Special Edition) on physical CDs and rip it onto my comp via an external drive. It'll have Swords and World of Xeen, but it won't have the later games, or the soundtracks, or the other files that the GOG versions have. It'll also be way more cash, but I'll know 100% what I'm getting on those discs.

Any advice? Oh, and that GOG sale lasts until 2/20. After that, M&M 1-9 will cost $28. Still a great price, but $20 is nothing to scoff at.
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Yesterday, 12:11
Games on GOG are almost always patched to whatever their final version is.

The Might and Magic 6-pack Limited Edition on GOG includes the first 6 M&M games as well as Swords of Xeen, and yes they're the fully voiced versions.
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Yesterday, 20:21
Download them from GOG. GOG is good. Don't bother with CD ripping unless you really want to own the physical copies for collecting sake.
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Yesterday, 23:43
According to the description, the GoG version includes all Xeen games.
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