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October 17th, 2021, 21:00
To play “hard” with patch 1.75.14 with AB and Alternative AI (no other patch) is one of the most difficult setup.
At level 32 it is possible to have 414AK
At level 59: +500AK, +500LF and +1.000 mana (now you are hitting hard)!

A sword fighter is unbalanced and too weak against magic. If you do not want to die too many times, it is best to go the magic way.
The innos ending is the “straight” decision
The beliar ending is the “dirty” decision
The adanos ending is the “right” decision
I will play the innos ending, but it does not matter for this guide.

12 important guidelines:
1: DO NOT read any tablets, stone or lecture before You have 254 AK. (Level 32)
2: Always carry min. 300 arrows until level 27
3: Always have a clear part behind You when fighting.
4: The sword/staff is only for emergency use, or friendly fights in the arena after level 33.
5: Never enter dark places before you have the light (2LP) around level 25
6: Do not go outside when it is dark. Maybe shoot a few fireballs and sleep until next morning.
7: Be prepared to shoot the “killing arrow” (when You let other do the fighting) so You get the XP 
8: Take the teleporter stone in each city by arrival.
9: Always have min 80% endurance, unless you need to flee enemies (emergency use)
10: Always have potion against diseases directly in your inventory. You might need it fast.
11: Eat all “permanent plants” except the permanent mana/kings sorrel (You need them later as a god)
12: Do not waste LP on “mage”, “open locks”, “sleep”, “staff fighting2” and hunting skills etc.

F5/F9: quick save the game before talking to some persons for getting max. number of stone Tablets
• Trelis: Khabir
• Geldern: Peratur, Jared, Mirzo, Hamil, Renvik
• Silden: Temmy
• Mora Sul: Faesul, Ilja
• Gotha: Narkan
• Cape Dun: Deckard
• Montera: Basir
• Faring: Koraz
I did not get min. 2 stones from everybody (I gave up) but on average, I got close to 2½ stones from each (32 stones x 3AK =96AK). I spent on average 10 min. on each trader.

The start: Shoot a scout that have no crossbow, and lure him to the big stone outside Ardea. The scout cannot reach you at the stone. Call other pray to the stone by hitting them with an arrow. Hit the scout while the scavenger also is attacking the scout. Maybe you can also call a wolf. Remember to deliver the killing arrow (guideline number 7) else, there is no XP. When the scout is killed, you have to take all values before the rest of the orcs are arriving.
Go to the tall stone by the bandits, and shoot the orcs when they not are following you. You might also invite a wolf or other pray to the big battle. While all are fighting each other, you have time to go/run to the hunter and buy all his arrows. Run back to the stone and shoot first the orc leader (You need his world map). Shoot after orcs with a crossbow.
When the orcs has won, you run to the burnt house (with bandits by the road), and jump to the roof. When everybody (that can shoot at you) are dead, you can enjoy the show. Kill them all. It might be dark when the fight is over, so sleep in Ardea and do the plunder next morning.
Go to Reddock and clean the cave. Invite the goblins/lizard to be killed by the rebels, and do the rest by yourself. Take/use the hashishin bow from now on. Invite the aggressive boars to be killed by the orc patrol. Got to the rock by the Tufail robbers, and invite (with an arrow) your pray, including the surrounding animals. Eat roasted meat as healing when needed. Kill the bilge rat from the nearby tall stone.
Swim from Ardea to the temple in Trelis, and take the smiths hammer in front of the temple.
Talk to Prank and give 1 potion – Do the nonviolent quests like Avocado. F5/F9: quick save the game before talking to Khabir. if he has not minimum two stone tablets to sell then press F9 and try again. You might also wait until level 32 (so you have the money) for buying the stones.
Swim to Sildern and do all nonviolent quests there including betraying Ennok to Zapotek.
F5/F9: quick save the game before talking to Temmy. If he has not minimum two stone tablets to sell then press F9 and try again. It might cost 10 min. to get 3 stones, but one stone is worth 6LP in the late game after you have 254 AK.
Level 6: buy 30AK and go for “Learn Faster” + 12 Life in Reddock/Sebastian.
OBS: You have only lost 4LP compared to buying “learn faster” at level 2, but you will gain a 30AK/2=15AK stronger hero beside 254 (249+5)AK 
7: invest thereafter in the Fireball (FB) 5LP. Sell healing potions if you are in need for money. From now on, you invest in AK.
By the hunting cabin north Sildern, there is several big rocks where you can stand and shoot a lot of buffalos. Enough to deliver 50 meat to Sildern. Go to Cape Dun, take all wolf skin, and do nonviolent quests.

Swim from Cape Dun to Lago. Go to Braga and do quests. Go to the hill top SW of the dark snappers and kill min. 5 of them. Go to Tufail and get the Light Hashishin armor . Use 2-3 Fireballs at the merchant in Braga before taking him down with your sword. Clean the cave with Tuffail, and take them one for one when they leave the cave.
13: Most low violent quests is completed in Sildern, Ardea, Cap Dun, Geldern, Montera and Trellis. Kill the dragon outside Geldern from the nearby hilltop! Shoot at it when it is standing in front of some trees, because then it cannot go too far backwards.
Go from Braga in direction of Mora zul and kill lizards and injures sand crawler from the nearby wall/ruin
Talk to Gruz og yassuf and kill Yassuf. Lure Gruz to the nearby wall with jakals and let them fight each other (7) killing arrow. Do quests in Mora zul. Kill Dessert raiders and Kaffus guard from the nearby ruin/platform. Visit Okara and Nemora and do all non/low violent quests. Buy all arrows you can find. By now you are close to level 20 and 199 AK. Visit the rest of cities in Myrtana.
Level 22: 200 252 112 buy “finding the power in yourself” for 30 LP and 10.000 gold. Nearly all non/low violent quests are done in Myrtana and Varant. Clean the area around Sildern with a combination of the fireballs and arrows.
23: Buy “Staff fighting” (3LP) + “Magic Staves” “6LP” and the Mage´s staff (+40 mana) 4.000 gold. Go for 280-300 mana before raising AK. Clean the roads in Myrtana except the two biggest caves with gargoyle/dragons for now.
25: buy “light” (2LP) You have now 200AK-226LF-192mana
27: 200-242-290 (240+40 from staff and 10 from ring). Build AK
32: buy 249AK and buy another 5AK for the old price.  254 AK – visit all cities and buy/read all stones and lecture = 414 AK. Atacking lizard can be killed by one fireball and a monster by four shots. Read everything from now on. Clean Gotha
33: Buy “ice lance” and build mana. Let the “ice lance” be your main weapon (when walking around) for the rest of the game. Clean the area around the tree temples in Varant.
36: Buy Mage’s staff and save 4LP for next level
37: Buy “Improve Robes” (15 LP) and do arena fights in Mora Zul (Buy key for 10.000 gold)
39: 420-300-452 Go from Faring to Vengard N to Nordmar. Visit Xardes, Kill The White Reaper and clean Akaschas Tomb. Go to Fire Clan – Monastery – Hammer Clan and thereafter the Wolf Clan. Aidjans book 12AK. Do not kill Orcs in the big camps.
44: 448-300-550 and 55LP for use when becoming a god. Buy the amulet from VAK when you have 50.000 gold. Teleport to Vengard after midnight and run/jump through the southern gate in the wall. After a break you run to the castle, and talk to the king.
45 Choose innos know ledge. 473-292-518. Buy “Meteor” (15 LP)
You have more than 60 alchemy and can now buy “mana potions” (3LP) + “Transformation” (5LP) + “Permanent potion” (8LP). Make all possible permanent mana potions and “life” for the rest. Clean the ruins around Mora Sul
47: 477-308-790 Get 40 rep among the nomads by freeing a few small cities in Varant. so you can buy the robe. Go to haran ho (6AK) Do all quests I Varant and do the kill in the cities. Buy min 30 mana potions.
51: 483-360-902 Buy min 30 mana potions. Buy the mana hungry “banish evil” and use is against the undead.
59: 503AK– 500LF–1020mana (I bought a few LP and AK for LP). Free all cities in Myrtana and Varant and buy the paladin armor. The paladin armor are used for the rest of the game except when fighting the shamans. Buy the fire robe later when you can afford it. Buy recipe for mana potion, and have min 30 potions all the time

The endgame: Enter Nordmar as a fearsome hero. The world is yours. Have fun
Tip: Hit your prey with the “ice lance” so they are in the same location, and do the kill with the “meteor”.
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