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March 22nd, 2019, 23:00
Bonus Days & Sales :

DDO Bonus Days bring you a +10 Treasure Hunter's Boost, now through March 24th!
• Redeem the code REWARD2019 for 3 Excellent Experience Elixirs that are Bound to Account on Acquire and a Raider's Reward Box that is Bound to Character as an apology for our extended downtime.
• Hack & Stash ! Get 25% off: ◦ Slayer Boosts
◦ Loot Boost & Treasure Hunter Elixirs
◦ Select Shared Storage
◦ Now through March 28th!

• The Weekly Coupon gets you Lasting Potion of Resist Acid (+10) x5 with the Coupon Code RESISTACID, now through March 28th!
The Code REWARD2019 is for that lengthy downtime.

Regarding the other items for that "downtime event" :

UPDATE: The Coupon Code is now available! COUPON CODE: REWARD2019 - 1/Account - available to redeem through April 30th, 2019

Additionally, VIP players will receive:

A VIP subscription time extension.
250 DDO Points automatically granted to their account if they have logged in during the previous 30 days.

Premium players who have logged in during the previous 30 days will receive:

250 DDO Points

UPDATE: The 250 DDO Points have been automatically added to qualifying players' accounts. We continue to work to deliver the additional four days of VIP time to some affected accounts.
Source : https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea…=1#post6188624

No, the way this was done means there is no notification of it, nor mention of it in the points history of the Store. You should just have the points if you qualify.

FYI we do see a handful of outlier style cases that people who should have received points didn't, and we are in the process of getting those cases corrected.

Anniversary Code Number Four :

Every Thursday for the next 13 weeks, stop by to get a new Coupon Code for a FREE Eberron House-themed cloak! 1/Account. Code is valid through December 31st, 2019.





Edit : An answer to my question regarding the "Jewel Of Fortune" :

The Jewel of Fortune changes the table you are pulling from to a higher minimum level table. These are two distinctly different changes. If both are active at the same time the result will be a higher minimum level item than the quest that also has higher than normal effect values.

For example: Imagine you are in a level 15 dungeon and pull a random loot necklace from a chest. Here are some vague extrapolations of what that necklace couldlook like under the different circumstances (Note: Exact values have in no way been compared to actual treasure tables for those levels, I'm just trying to communicate how these bonuses work).

No Bonuses active:
•Min level 15
•Dexterity +5
•Fire Resistance +20
•Intimidate +8
•Blue Augment Slot

Treasure Hunter Bonus Active:
•Min level 15
•Dexterity +6
•Fire Resistance +23
•Intimidate +9
•Blue Augment Slot

Jewel of Fortune Bonus Active:
•Min level 16
•Dexterity +6
•Fire Resistance +22
•Intimidate +10
•Blue Augment Slot

Treasure Hunter AND Jewel of Fortune Bonuses Active:
•Min level 16
•Dexterity +7
•Fire Resistance +25
•Intimidate +11
•Blue Augment Slot
Source : https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea…=1#post6193478
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March 23rd, 2019, 01:03
runnning about 15 mins late
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