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January 28th, 2018, 19:29
I don't know about everyone else but depth of field that reacts to what the crosshair is over annoys me. It can help with nice screenshots but I can't stand having to move the crosshair onto or off of things to get what my eyes are looking at "in focus" while actually playing a game. Even in a slower game like Morrowind it can be annoying.

On the other hand slightly and persistently blurring distant objects can be nice so it was a pleasant surprise stumbling across an old Reddit post about adding a shader to MGE-XE that does that, and a bit more. So thought I'd share it here.

Here's a shot without any DoF

Here's the same one with the DoF

Notice the trees in the centre background and the outline of the mountain, while things closer aren't blurred. (opening both images and switching between them is the easiest way to compare, ignore the contrast/lighting difference)

It also decreases the distance at which things become blurred when it's raining, so closer things become blurred.

Clear weather, with distant objects blurring

During rain, with mid distance trees now blurring

You can easily increase the minimum distance at which things can become blurred by opening the file in something like Notepad++ and editing the value for "weaponblur_cutoff = ". While toying around I increased it to 60 but haven't had much time to play. You can also set the strength of the blur by editing the value for "fr = xx" but I haven't tried it, they include comments with more information.

It's easy adding it to your MGE-XE shaders, just download the file and make sure the .fx file goes into your "Morrowind\Data Files\shaders\XEshaders" folder. Then open MGEXEgui.exe, click Shader Setup, then the file's name should appear as an available shader you can add to the active list before clicking save.


Here's an album with a few more images and comparisons.
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