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February 25th, 2018, 22:29
Eh? Those three cretins can actually aid you in the prologue? Didn't know…
I kicked the guy myself. Twice, so it wasn't luck.

Forget the horserace sidequest - it stops random encounters. And you don't get the reward. Bugs bugs everywhere.
Save that one for patched game replay.
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February 25th, 2018, 23:51
I think you are a bit naive if you didnt think they were going to do something wrong based on what your mother told you about your friends and the fact that they decided to throw dung at that guys house.

While I do hate it when you choose a dialogue choice and it doesnt come out how it is worded. The result of "help me" was a good thing that most RPG's should use. In real life you dont know exactly what will happen when you utter those words to someone, I dont see why in an RPG it should be any different especailly in regards to a group of people who are in a way corrupt.
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February 26th, 2018, 00:29
Well, I decided not to get involved in throwing poo on their house, which the game "recognized" by letting my friends running to the house anyways, and letting the first dialoge sound like I helped them which was then followed by me asking them for help, on which they replied that I didn't help them before. After convincing them, they moved ahead and get everyone involved into a brawl. And after that I asked for lockpicks…

That beginning was already pretty messed up regarding quest/dialogue/logic structure.
@joxer: I am still having events after the race. However the reward bugged out. The saddle you are supposed to receive doesn't appear.
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