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May 21st, 2018, 05:10
Some reviews for The Council: Episode Two.

While this was a great episode, it was still let down by the same issues the first episode had. My GPU usage was at a constant 100%, with the only areas running smoothly being those accursed corridors again. The voice acting is still iffy at times, and the animations can be janky, but again its unique charm wins you over, making you want to play to the end.

It is shorter than the first episode, split up into a mere three chapters compared to the five its predecessor had, and there significantly less conversations this time around. However, I do appreciate how it moved the story along and answered a number of questions. A few issues aside, it is another stellar job by Big Bad Wolf, and I anxiously await the next installment


However, it is here where Hide and Seek deviates from what made The Mad Ones episode so enthralling. Developers Big Bad Wolf have dialled back the game’s dialogue sequences, instead opting for more investigation and puzzle-solving. It makes sense given that the first episode was in some respects a meet and greet between Louis and the game’s cast. However, the confrontations and dialogue choices are where The Council excelled, thanks to the unique RPG mechanics. While it’s not a negative, it does scratch off some of the gilded sheen the first episode had applied.


The Council’s second episode doesn’t manage to hit the highs of the first, which could be down to it being smaller in scale in comparison. Hide & Seek’s murder mystery does bring you in and advances the overall plot in a big way, but at the same time it feels like more could have been made of it. There’s some story threads dangled for you to grab, but those threads could have been expanded upon more within the context of this episode.


You will learn a lot more about the aforementioned Lord Mortimer, as well as Chris, the guy who works at the local chip shop. Just kidding. You’ll learn about Manuel Godoy, who is Secretary of State and Head of the Spanish Government, and Johan Cristoph Von Wollner, the Prussian minister of religion. What I love about The Council is that none of the characters seem to be here for the sake of it. They all are intriguing. Not to mention that Episode 2 also ends on a humdinger of a cliffhanger, so the developers have still got us hanging on every word here. Bring on Episode 3.


The Council Episode 2: Hide and Seek does a terrific job of building more intrigue for its fascinating story. The actual historical figures make things all the more interesting. I do wonder if this story would be as enthralling if not for faces like George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte. My only issue is there not being enough episode, either in length or in elements unique to this game. I want to play this game, Focus Home Interactive, stop taking it away from me so abruptly. Let’s see what Episode 3 entails, hopefully, sooner rather than later.
Thanks Farflame!

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