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Default Slay the Spire - Patch 25

May 20th, 2018, 09:24
The roguelike card game Slay the Spire got another patch:

Weekly Patch 25: Building Blocks

Hey everyone,

It's nice and sunny here in Seattle.
This week's work was focused on balance, reworks, and bug fixes. Too many random issues were beginning to rack up.

Third Character

We now have about 60/75 card art completed and we're putting on the final balance touches. Keep in mind that balance and changes will still occur after the character is released into the main branch.

Controller Support

Work has begun to add controller support. Slay the Spire from a couch! Those who play 12 hours a day can also give your wrists a break (Tip: Remember to take a break every now and then). Our aim is to make it as intuitive and customizable as we can!

Patch Notes

  • Fixed SRP crash.
  • Fixed potential issues with game not loading if language was set to SRP or SRB.
  • Might as well add in some DEU/SRP/SRB loc updates.
  • New common relic Potion Belt.
  • New common relic The Boot.
  • Prayer Wheel relic reworked and is now rare.
  • Regen potion gets an overhaul. It now acts like Poison, but heals.
  • Fruit Juice can now be used outside of combat.
  • Fruit Juice will no longer spawn from Alchemize.
  • Entropic Brew can no longer spawn Fruit Juice.
  • Entropic Brew now spawns potions similarly to Alchemize now (considers rarity).
Bug Fixes
  • Awakened One no longer incorrectly regenerates to 10 HP if killed by thorn type effects.
  • Bronze Automaton combat now has enemies correctly attacking from left to right.
  • Card picks in Run History screen now show card names rather than ID.
  • Correctly show skipped cards in Run History screen
  • Entropic Brew now always gives you potions equal to your potion slot count.
  • Eviscerate card now has correct cost when returned from Stasis power.
  • Fixed issue where Save & Exit could re-roll certain events at ? rooms.
  • Fixed issue where White Beast relic would still spawn on Brewmaster Daily.
  • Game now saves after receiving cards from Pandora's Box and Astrolabe via Neow so your cards don't vanish.
  • Mysterious Sphere event enemies now attack in the correct order
  • Smoke Potion can no longer be incorrectly used outside of combat. (Can still be discarded)
  • Snecko Oil wording fix for high ascension levels.
UI and Effects
  • Gambler's Brew (Potion) gets an updated color/shape.
  • Dexterity Potion shape updated to match Strength Potion.
  • Tiny House relic wording improved.
  • Black Star relic wording update to be more consistent with other relics.
  • Cauldron and Old Coin wording improved to match other relics.
  • HP-gain relics (Fruit & Waffle) now have consistent pickup wording.
  • Renaming SRB-CYR to SRP and SRB-LAT to SRB as it was causing crashes.
  • Updates for DEU, ITA, JPN, POL, RUS, SRB, SRP, UKR, ZHS, ZHT.
More information.
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May 20th, 2018, 09:24
25 patches; what to think. On the flip side it is suppose to be very good; anyone played ?
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May 20th, 2018, 13:34
It's a fun little game. I played it through a few times even though I'm not a fan of card collecting and jrpg style battles.

Its mechanics are good and you can finish one playthrough in 3 or 4 hours.

If you like card collection games and prepping your deck then this is a must buy

Otherwise it's a fun little game.

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May 20th, 2018, 15:56
Yeah I'm not a fan of card gathering, but the jrpg elements have me curious, so I might have to take a peek.
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