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Default Fallout: Project Brazil - May Update

June 8th, 2015, 20:02
Seems the Project Brazil mod for Fallout NV is not dead, and has a new development update from last month. I highly recommend downloading, and playing the first part.

Like last month, lots of new progress as been made that isn't directly visual, like scripts and quest design from RickerHK and Seddon. But we also have a ton of 3D art from Tau34RUS, Dragbody, Camboy, and myself.

To start, we have new packaging art and characters from Camboy! I contacted him a few weeks ago about commissioning the art for our release cover image, and added his name to a list of artists for our fans to vote on. Camboy won out, and his enthusiasm for the project went waaay beyond what I expected! He and his wife Gabi have been producing a lot great art along with the initial commission for the release image! We definitely picked the right people.
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