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Default The Falconeer - To be Released in 2020

November 12th, 2019, 09:30
The aerial combat RPG The Falconeer, is scheduled to be released somewhere in 2020, for PC and Xbox One.

Wired Productions and Tomas Sala have announced that they're releasing The Falconeer on PC and Xbox One in 2020 and between November 14th and the 16th you can play it at X019. A trailer features below.

Players will get to explore the upcoming game world called The Great Ursee which is a mystical place that drowns in the corruption of swollen oceans. Players must depart on their armed aerial mounts as a Falconeer and make there own path in this dark and hauntingly beautiful world.

"We're excited for fans to experience The Falconeer, a true gem that will set the bar for what indie developers can offer games," said Leo Zullo. "From the beginning, we've been enamoured with this breath-taking aerial combat RPG, and are proud to be able to work collaboratively with Tomas, whose passion and talents can be seen in this beautiful and mesmerizing game."

If you're a fan of aerial combat The Falconeer gives you a fluid and open-world to explore gracefully with free flight mechanics. This will immerse you within the The Great Ursee to discover its deep and dark secrets.

If you are watching or attending X019 you'll see a live demo of The Falconeer and Wired Productions will announce more upcoming news as-well.

More information.
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November 12th, 2019, 14:17
For some reason, this gave me flashbacks to Drakan:Order of the flame. That game was a surprisingly "not awful" game that really just needed a bit more dev time, and more modern tech to do it justice.

Also, Divinity 2. In fact, now that I think about it, more so Divinity 2. I still can't forgive Larian for not patching in controller support from the xbox version in the Director's Cut, so my wife still can't play that entry from her favourite ever series.

I guess the combat is also vaguely reminiscent of Dragon Commander, but I never stuck with that long enough to get into it.
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November 12th, 2019, 14:22
Looks very pretty and very not-for-DArt to me

Drakan, yeah - I have fond memories of that game. It was definitely almost-very-good. Ultimately too shallow, though.

First game I can remember in that style was DragonStrike, which was the game that taught me that these games aren't really for me - even if they're done in my favorite setting.

Unless you count Dragon's Breath on the Amiga.




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