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Default Finished Nehrim mod for Oblivion and it sucked…

December 21st, 2011, 09:26
Thanks to this thread and its positive reportages of Nehrim, I've also finally taken the chance to sample it, with a little hankering for an open-world experience than can only come from reading one too many Skyrim threads.

I'm about 20 hours in and level 11, going for a knight/archer hybrid build with some conjuration on the side. The game is very solid fun so far despite the remnants of Oblivion (UI, art assets) being unavoidable. The modders have done a wonderful job crafting their own vision with memorable encounters and well scripted events which serve to further encourage exploration. I was already level 8 by the time I began to take an interest in the main plot, which to be honest I like so far. Some other plusses:

- Great first dungeon (as GBG indicated) with a minor set piece that reminded me of the encounter with the Black Beast from Arx Fatalis.
- Experience based level system with learning points and instructors spread throughout the world gives the game a quasi-Gothic feeling at times.
- Mellow, immersive new soundtrack with some KaiRo touches here and there.
- Some interesting loot, specific class based item sets and variety of crafting options.
- Really nice sense of progression assisted by the fact that you can find non-scaled objects in the world. (Bye bye level scaling!)
- Scripted events and moderately interesting dungeon design (more so than Vanilla OB)
- I actually like the German voice acting. (Maybe I should try to learn the language one of these days…)

Minor quibbles:
- NPCs in towns don't really have much to say.
- Reminders of Oblivion are always there.
- Some unpredictable CTDs. (Save early, save often)

As others have stated, the combat is the sore point, but generally I'm in awe of what these guys have managed to do with this full conversion mod and are definitely enjoying their work.
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October 20th, 2012, 21:24
After referencing Nehrim in another post, I decided to give this mod another shot after putting it aside some time back. I just had a quick question on skills and leveling up: is it possible to screw yourself if you don't specifically level up with +5 into your stats?

Also… the music is wonderful! It's hard to believe these orchestral pieces were produced for a 'mod'.
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May 27th, 2013, 08:18
Here is one thing I much disliked:
When I got out of the sewers of Erothin after the escape with Melvin (The Escape quest), I went back to the city, because I wanted to check if Chancellor's soldiers would really attack me or arrest me (as was written in my quest diary) and… nothing! As if nothing happened, every guard just told me the same thing "No time, I'm on duty"… No alarm, no arresting the fugitive, nothing.
Is it some kind of glitch or an oversight? I began to wonder if there are more of such things in this game… It's a pity, because the main storyline was brilliant up to this point and it made me believe that I was having an adventure in a game based on great interaction and consequence.
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May 27th, 2013, 21:56
It's been a while since I played Nehrim, but as I never tried to return then I don't know if it's a glitch or not. But I'd rather have it the (inconsequential) Nehrim way than the way Bethsoft took with Redguard … finishing part of a (rather early) quest set all guards on your trail for the remainder of the game (or at least, most of the game). Which made it nearly impossible to succeed.
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December 2nd, 2016, 04:59
I played this game awhile back and I can say that it is one of the best RPGs I've played recently.

It combines Elder Scrolls style gaming with a more handcrafted, almost Gothic-style RPG. The story and quests are interesting and quite unique, the exploration is wonderful and beautiful and more. It really has to be played and experienced to understand. Even a seemingly simple event like taking a certain long road to a new city they've managed to make interesting and memorable. And what's even crazier is that when you think the game is over, it's not. Far from it. So, yeah, play this game ASAP! if you are into handcrafted open world PC RPGs and want something really unique and memorable in that style.

It's hard to explain as it's not quite Elder Scrolls but not quite Gothic. It's unique. No level scaling. Handplaced and handcrafted the whole way. Metaphysical story about Godhood and spiritual aspects. Open world but also guided and with level checks throughout, ie. you can go somewhere and run into a strong enemy that you can't beat until later, etc. Interesting and old-schoolish character development that relies on stats and almost a similar style as Gothic. And on and on.

I'm also playing Enderal, their Skyrim conversion mod, and it's excellent as well. SureAI are very talented modders and the talent they get for the game is also very good.

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