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December 14th, 2015, 22:25
As said before, I bought the game a few days after the release (when it was at 40€ on Am*zon). For now I've played about 17h00, and I'm still enjoying it.

My guess would be that the game is suffering from people (let's call them "trolls" if you want) who most likely want to "punish" EA for:
1) selling a season-pass DLC at 50€
2) having proposed to pay youtubers/"journalists" for positive reviews.
But this is not representative of the quality of the game itself, which I definitively find very enjoyable as a multi-player FPS with dynamic gameplay, and that is not based on realistic weaponry and battlegrounds (I never liked the Battlefields nor Call of Duty series because of their design).

Don't get me wrong, I don't say that 1) and 2) are good things to do (I never had a huge esteem of EA anyway), but the game didn't really deserv that…

Also, I don't know for english youtubers and forumers, but in France it seems very trendy to say loudly that you dislike the game (as it was for Destiny last year)

EDIT : Another recurrent critic that I see is that the game is not a Battlefield game, which (grealty) disappointed some Battlefields' fans. I think this is true because: there's no class system, the team-play is less important (although a team working together will always win against a team of people acting on their own), and the vehicles are less central (there are random items in the maps that give you access to vehicles, but they are rather rare). However, I don't personally see all these points as major problems: the game is not a Battlefield game, but Battlefield is not the only good game (nor even the only good FPS).

For me, the good points of the games are:
- amazing graphics and sounds.
- clever level design: the maps are not numerous but they are all good, and they give the impression of being huge, without you getting lost easily (which is hard to achieve). The respawn is fast, and you don't feel too frustrated for being killed often (also I don't know why people are complaining so much of being killed at spawn, it nearly never happened to me).
- solid (yet classical) FPS gameplay: the games mods are sufficiently different so that you don't get bored too rapidly (or maybe this is true for me because I was not a big Battlefield of Duty player).

The bad points are:
- it's too long to get all the primary weapons (I still don't have access to any sniper, and I've been playing for nearly 20h00!)
- the 50€ DLC season-pass when the game's content is rather light (really, no excuse for that).
- sometimes the game gives you the feeling that they wanted to put too much things (heroes, vehicles, space-ships, etc.), that are not always easy to handle and not as satisfying as being a random stormtrooper pew-pewing on rebel's cannon fodder
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