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September 7th, 2012, 10:40
[Release] Risen 2 Lrenter

The Risen 2 Lrenter allows you to clone NPCs and diverse objects.

Placing a cloned hut:

download: http://www.uploadmb.com/dw.php?id=1351528107


Unpack TAK_NPC.lrent from projects.pak (R2-dir\data\common)
using NicoDEs risenaut, 21.3.2012.
  • start Risen Lrenter
  • load TAK_NPC.lrent with File\Open
  • Menue entry. entities - manage
  • choose Pedro from the ComboBox next to the save-bin-Button
  • press the button
  • press the append-bin-Button and choose the just saved
    entity Pedro.bin / open (binary entity will be appended to the lrent)
  • press ok-Button
  • Menue File\save to save the lrent
Its name gets a preceding underscore ("_").
Load this file, choose Pedro (at the end of the entities drop down list)
press properties button

(Attention: Entity No. 2 is the original Pedro. Don't touch it!)

Change the name of the cloned Pedro, change his clothes and items.

(Items can be replaced only; no additon possible!)

On every change the replace button needs to be pressed!
  • press the ok button and again "ok" in the "manage entities" window
  • File\save
  • copy lrent to C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\
  • remove the underscore(s)
  • start Risen2 (there's no need to begin a new game).

As always I'm thanking NicoDE for his excellent analysings
and Baltram for important hints.

And last not least the applause goes to Piranha Bytes for games which to mod
has been a netherending fun (after having skipped some hurdles) .

shak-otay, July 2012

PS: for some weird reason always hidden to me the entities can only
be appended to
NPC-lrents. (But this does not really matter.)

known bugs: some objects like Obj_LS_FireBasket_1 can't be appended
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