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Exclamation Free, Open World, True story, fully custom RPG!

December 29th, 2014, 02:19
ReAwakening is a Free, classic, 2D JRPG with a massive feature set and several hours of game play. The project is a over a year old and is nearly complete.

Tons of Features, Customization, and original Artwork. We also offer a Guaranteed Analysis so you can see how large the game is. we have 400+ items, monsters, spells, secrets, and resources.

Check out the KickStarter!

Check Out Jonesing Studio Website Too!

Make choices, decipher the story, create the outcome.
Classic JRPG mechanics equipped with a Final Fantasy X similar battle system.
Explore the open world freely, uncover the story, puzzles, and secrets.
Customize gear and skills to overcome difficult enemies.
Use experience to improve skill trees and progress in a way you like.
Add Gems to gear for improvements. Adjust the party and train Pet Monsters.
No random encounters and quick grinding,
Interact with the map Golden Sun similar.
Grind through baddies easily Legend of Zelda Style.
Control and sell powerful beasts, Train them and compete.
Find unique characters and abilities, customize the skills and strengths of each character, as well as the party.
Save anywhere and adjust options.
Quick travel and Recall Potions
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