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September 8th, 2016, 09:29
GameRant has reviewed the RTS/RPG hybrid Champions of Anteria:

Champions of Anteria Review

Champions of Anteria delivers a light-hearted fantasy romp with solid strategy elements, but a lack of content beneath surface level means the game lacks that special something.

In spite of its status as one of the most long-running strategy franchises on the market, it’s been a quiet time for The Settlers series of late. Indeed, since 2010 and the release of The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom and The Settlers Online, the franchise has been silent. However, when news broke of a spin-off title named The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria, many fans of the franchise were intrigued to see what Ubisoft Blue Byte had in store.

Unfortunately for purists of The Settlers, things did not quite go according to plan, and after a period in beta Ubisoft revealed that the project had morphed into something else entirely. The game has now seen release in the form of Champions of Anteria, and the title does feel like a very different beast in comparison to its franchise origin.

Champions of Anteria blends together RPG and RTS elements, and the core gameplay comes in the form of single player tactical strategy. The player is put in charge of up to three heroes at once, and is tasked with the usual fantasy fare of fighting of ghoulish creatures and bandits. The title has real-time combat but with active pause functionality, meaning that users have a fair amount of control over proceedings.


Of course, many of the problems with the Fable series are also apparent here – albeit in a strategy setting rather than a full-on RPG. It’s a lovingly crafted world with a cartoonish artistic style, and a great deal of humor and charm. However, when that veneer is stripped away, the core gameplay feels very primitive.

Nonetheless, those after a light bite of RTS/RPG gameplay with a positive attitude will find a lot of fun with Champions of Anteria. It is unlikely to blow any players away, and fans of The Settlers will find little to keep them occupied, but there’s a nice little game here. Without expecting too much, Champions of Anteria delivers a decent injection of fantasy humor into the market.


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September 8th, 2016, 09:29
I'm really enjoying this one.
The town building was strange initially but works. You'll end up wishing you built things differently as you go.
If you really like Aarklash legacy (like i do) then do yourself a favor and at least try the demo.
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September 8th, 2016, 14:01
Do they have a demo? Where is it?

Also: I don't know why but I always tought Champions of Anteria as MMO.
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