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Default We Are The Caretakers - Launching April 22nd

March 15th, 2021, 00:15
We Are The Caretakers is described as a science fiction based squad management RPG with turn based combat. The game will release April 22nd. Currently there is a demo available to try on the Steam page.


We Are The Caretakers is an afrofuturist squad management RPG. Assemble an arcane team of protectors in squad-building systems inspired by Darkest Dungeon, Ogre Battle, and XCOM. Defend the endangered animals your world relies on in strategic turn-based combat. Define your approach to a global resistance by balancing your reputation, funds, research, animals and alliances. We Are The Caretakers is a challenging strategy RPG fusion that asks you to protect a planet by fighting for the people, animals and ecosystems that inhabit it.


  • AFROFUTURIST UNIVERSE: Former Activision-Blizzard artist Anthony Jones brings breathtaking afrofuturist style and human empathy to a complex sci-fi world.
  • REPUTATION SYSTEM: Every action affects how others see the Caretakers. Do they fear you? Or will they support your quest to protect the endangered Raun, and decide the fate of the world?
  • TURN-BASED ENCOUNTERS: Balance force with diplomacy in an innovative turn-based combat system. Live with the consequences as you deal with the messy reality of animal conservation.
  • SQUAD BUILDING: Assemble up to 9 squads of characters with diverse traits, weaknesses, abilities, and personalities. Train and upgrade your Caretakers across 20+ unique job classes.
  • GROW YOUR HEADQUARTERS: Meet leaders, research technologies, and recruit allies in your sci-fi HQ. Balance their conflicting demands to save our world.
  • NUANCED NARRATIVE: In our morally-complex world, the individuals outside your squad matter as much as the rangers you deploy on each map.
  • GENERATED WILDLIFE: The challenging and procedurally generated survival mode brings never-ending ways to play.
  • YOU GET A BABY RAUN: It will nuzzle against your bed long after it grows too large to reasonably do so. It is adorable.
More information.
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March 15th, 2021, 02:27
procedurally generated survival mode
@crpgnut's paradise.
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March 15th, 2021, 04:29
First I've seen or heard of this one. Looks somewhat amateurish to be honest.
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March 15th, 2021, 16:37
They're going all out on the 'save the animals' theme with that steam page, hope there's more to the game than that. I support kindness to animals and its a good starting theme for a game world, but it could get irritating if the game is contstantly hitting the player with the developers' views.
But I like the more original style of the setting and there can never be enough turn based games!
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March 15th, 2021, 17:23
If I can go around gumming my opposition in turn-based combat, waving my walker at the young scallions on my lawn, I'll buy this on day one!!
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March 15th, 2021, 17:35
UI is okay. Character design and especially map coloring looks like somebody barfed all over the place. Combat is ridiculous.
SSI Gold Box-style game, we are working on.
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March 15th, 2021, 19:08
It has style. Although a different style compared what I'm used to. And this is most definitively NOT fantasy …
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