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August 27th, 2021, 11:27
Originally Posted by darklord View Post
Just wish I could play! I pre-ordered from Green Man Games. Unfortunately the publisher has cocked up and not sent them or others, (such as Humble) enough licences…

There is no ETA on when I'll get the game…

Has this finally worked out?
It's 10€ cheaper on GMG right now…
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August 27th, 2021, 20:30
Originally Posted by ikbenrichard View Post
does it a have the same vibe as the originals?
As HOMMs no, as Armored Princess, partially. It is way more of a RPG than a strategic, and this is good for me because I needed a RPG to play.
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August 27th, 2021, 20:34
Originally Posted by Carnifex View Post
Ahhh Telstar, now that I can work with! I'll just know in advance that if I wish to stop, simply do so before battles. Thank you.
Always save before battles if you intend to do them.
But you can also retreat, after looking at the enemy team, if you think the odds are not so good. This was the same in AP. If you check some walkthrough on YT, you'll see one where u look at the enemies, retreat and go buy more troops before doing that battle.

I really don't get what all the whining is about.
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August 31st, 2021, 10:41
The game auto-saves before battles, doesn't it? So no need to do so yourself.

But I do actually save regularly. Mostly, to recover from getting stuck in the environment. Happens.
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September 10th, 2021, 23:49
What, noone on this forum but me played (and finished) the game?
People, it's fun, honestly.

The first patch that adresses I'd say everything that was annoying, went live a few moments ago:…8213218688031/
— The speed of movement of the main characters on foot and on horseback has been increased.
— The player can now interact with Guiding Stele, scrolls, tablets, books, merchants, chests and altars without dismounting from the horse.
— Fixed an issue with purchase units in reserve exploit.
— Fixed an issue with selling all the trash from the inventory for the price of one item.
— The size of hint about secondary targets for spells and skills applied to several units increased in size.
— Added the hint for the selected ability in battle by hovering over the icon.
— Added the special light effect when the player tries to select ability in battle.
— Fixed an issue with the lack of experience accrual for healing by Healers.
— Fixed an issue with «Taunt», when units that were not under the influence of this spell did not receive damage from the Red Dragon.
— Fixed an issue with impossibility of applying the spells buffs and debuffs of the third grade in some places.
— Fixed an issue with predict Resurrection effect.
— Fixed an issue with displaying the prohibition of the use of skills, if the Fear effect is imposed on the squad.
— Fixed an issue with animation of movement for female characters.
— Fixed an issue with freezes on locations when moving.
— Added a Guiding Stele in Pellian Marsh.

— Changed the starting equipment of the heroes in the quest Leaving the Prison.
— Final twist fixed: added a popup about completing the game in the quest In the Void.
— The difficulty of the last battle in The Cold Shoulder quest has been reduced.

— Added option to change the keyboard layout (QWERTY / AZERTY).
— Added maximum frame rate setting.
— Added a FOV slider.
— Added Quicksave (F5) and Quickload (F9).
— V-Synch option works by default.
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September 11th, 2021, 02:11
Thanks @joxer and it is on my list to pick up as I liked what I have seen so far. The reviews were a bit off putting so was waiting to see if they would adjust some things and seems they have.

Still it has to get in line behind WOTR and Encased.

I am also trying out Wartales, Waylander, Wildermyth, Couriers of Darkness … so busy time for gaming. Seems a lot of games starting with W as well
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September 11th, 2021, 03:20
Aye, it's on my to-play list at some time down the road, when a significant sale happens and I tidy up some of my current back log.
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