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Today, 12:01
Before or after Schrier called him "provocateur"?
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Today, 12:11
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Before or after Schrier called him "provocateur"?
Nah just BS the whole interview YongYea should've been more harsh.
Mr. Schreier speaks from a very.. ignorant and arrogant point of view. He seems so willing to be able to criticize Yong Yea but it seems he's unwilling to actually accept critiques towards himself. Secondly he seems unwilling to accept no matter how he states how he is 'fighting for rights of gamers' his intention to insult the gaming community like he has in his tweets and articles while defending practices that are deliberately preying off of the people he claims to fight for. This isn't a crusade or a bunch of people screeching as he likes to make it out to be, him saying we're screeching shows he would prefer to discredit our needs rather then listening to them. He comes off as being stuck in his own bubble living in a fantasy land and shouting furiously anytime someone mentions something that isn't pleasant because he doesn't want to hear another persons feelings or opinion if its negative to his viewpoint or fantasy.
Jason speaks for "the industry", Yong speaks for the Customers. If I worked in the industry I'd be listening to Yong to keep in touch with what my customers want. If I listened to Jason I'd find myself in front of more booing crowds.
Judging from the comment section seems like I saved myself an hour and a half of rage by not watching, sorry Yong but I hate Jason too much to listen to him talk over you for that long. I never liked Jason from the time I heard about him when he was proudly leaking Fallout 76. I can't stand leakers. He's also so smug and arrogant, I don't like his voice or his politics, I also hated his recent comments in defense of AC. All in all I knew this interview would be a disaster. I do have a lot of respect for Yong for at least trying to have a productive discussion with that rat.
Why that hack gets a platform is beyond me. The sad thing is, he is exactly the way i imagined him to be. People like him are exactly the reason why the industry is in the shape as it is in. Blaming the consumer, who has no voice and barely no power, because its hacks and shills like Jason that actually condone and support this behavior, instead of speaking out against it, and then blame the consumer for not just going quietly along with it. And i don't care that Jason has written exposition pieces about some companies, i wouldn't be surprised if those were handed to them to weaken positions internally in those studios, sanctioned as ammunition for power struggles inside these companies he is reporting on. Because… quite frankly, based on his showing here, i cannot see how he ever would do any of that for the consumer. And to me that is why he fails at his responsibility. Its the media that should be providing a check to the power of the companies and not turn around and blame the consumer for it. Its really about time these websites go out of business that people like him will actually be at the mercy of the consumer and need to do what they are supposed to be doing and champion for the consumer and not for these companies.
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Today, 15:39
At first glance this bs from M$ insider program (win10 testing) is not connected to gaming:
Nothing is safe from the inexorable crawl of ad-based marketing, and Microsoft has provided yet another example of that by releasing a Windows 10 preview build that includes ads in the operating system's Mail app.
Mail reportedly shows interest-based ads in the latest version of Windows 10 released to members of the Windows Insider Program. That means Microsoft is using what it knows about its users--it doesn't appear to be scanning anyone's emails--to show ads it believes are relevant to them. This is a common practice, but that doesn't mean everyone's comfortable with it, especially when the ads pop up in communications tools.

It's possible to opt out of these interest-based ads via Windows 10's settings. But the ads won't disappear entirely; Mail will just display a generic advertisement instead. The only way to get rid of these ads is to subscribe to Office 365--even if someone's using Mail for Gmail or some other email service. That means users either have to put up with the ads or pay for a productivity suite.
Noone can be sure if this will go in live version of win10, but I bet it's a market test/experiment before integrating the bs within win10 xbox idiocy and M$ store.
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Today, 19:29
Next step : Ads in games.
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Today, 21:12
The day ads start appearing in current games is the day I just live in the past and stick to classics.
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Today, 21:26
Already been done; and movies too. Coke and Pepsi pay big bucks to get those cans into different forms of media

Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
Next step : Ads in games.
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