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September 18th, 2021, 22:49
The tactical RPG Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children got an update:

We beg to inform you that the game contents update and system maintenance.

During the maintenance, gamers who use Online mode can't play the game. Please exit the game in a safe place within the game if possible before the maintenance begins.

During the maintenance, gamers who use Offline mode can play the game.

Maintenance Schedule
Daylight saving time is not applied.
Date: September 17th, 2021
Friday 11:00 ~ 13:00 CET
Friday 18:00 ~ 20:00 JST
Friday 02:00 ~ 04:00 PST
Friday 09:00 ~ 11:00 UTC

Update Details:
Added a new scenario mission "The Communion of Heart with Heart".
Added a function that copies mastery information to the clip-board and paste it to other mastery board on the "Mastery Board".
- This function has been developed for easy sharing of mastery information.
Added the "Show Module List" menu on the office and Shooter Street menu list.
Added a food list that you've found already on the food UI.
Added an additional alarm mark that describes an event with a specific NPC other than quests.
Added a BGM that is played when you encounter a boss.
Added recipies of "Flash Pen" and "Pen Camera" that can be acquired by completing the quest from Dimitri.
- You can buy them on the Valkylie Shop of the Maximillion's Junk Shop
You can turn the Playing-conversation-automatically function off using X key.
Added Steam achivements.
- Telepathic Communication
- It's a Good Time to Escape

Changed the item that you acquired at least once to be registered on the Transmog list.
- It is also registered on the Transmog list when a new craft recipe is unlocked.
- Unique items that you once acquired will be registered to the list after this update.
Changed the responsive attack like "Pincer Movement" or "Cover" not to use item abilities.
Changed the "Press Any Keys" situation not to responsive to F12 and Print Screen keys
Changed the default value of "Show Dialogues When a Character Talks" to "Use".
Changed some UI.
- The dev team knows that changing the UI could cause inconvenience for those whom were already used to it. But for the better visibility, we decided it is inevitable.
We ask for your understanding that we cannot maintain the form of the existing UI because there are changes not only in the external part but also in the internal system. If you have any ideas about newly updated UI, please let the development team know whatever it is.

Fixed a bug that the counterattack hadn't been activated when an unit revivied from Out of Action while it was in moving.
Fixed a bug that "Red Panda Style 1st Form - Red Panda Kick" and "Body Blow" hadn't been strengthened by "A Million Years of Training" or "Endless Training".
Fixed a bug that an unit used only one ability when the unit tried to "Cover" and "Pincer Movement".
Fixed a bug that responsive attack used by designating land in a specific condition hadn't been activated.
Fixed a bug that the Battle Fog hadn't been applied properly when a player restart a mission.

Thank you.
Thanks Henriquejr!

More information.
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