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September 22nd, 2021, 07:24
I think 1.32 is now, tried it yesterday a bit, still too funny to play because of the glitches; tried for a couple of minutes. Anyway i started a replay of witcher 3 yesterday as well and 6 years later still has plenty of glitches too. At the start of the game when you go into the tavern to ask about yeneffer, you can see roach standing in 2 legs outside on the window…started 3 games to check this and it happened in all of them

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September 28th, 2021, 02:32
CDPR Is Asking For Your Feedback On Cyberpunk 2077's Quests

Link -…k-2077-quests/
Sasko brought his survey on Twitter, encouraging fans to share their thoughts about what worked well within the game and what didn’t. The developer noted he’s currently working on a retrospective look at the project’s quests for his team.

To improve the situation, Paweł Sasko wants to know what Cyberpunk 2077’s quest has really stayed with you and why. You can join the discussion and name any character, context, event, mood, art, unique gameplay sequence, or original idea that made the story especially memorable. Additionally, Sasko thanked all the fans for their help and for playing the game.
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