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Default New members: Registration issues, posting, etc.

July 31st, 2018, 09:46
This thread is meant to provide information, especially to new members, or those who have issues in the registration process.

Registration and activation
When you register, you are sent an activation mail. This is needed to activate your account. If you do not do this you are restricted in your activities on this forum, such as:
- All your posts need to be moderated, not just the first 7 (see next section)
- You cannot create threads
- You cannot create nor post on polls
- You cannot edit or delete your posts
And a few other things

You might not have received a mail. This has three possible reasons:
1) You entered the wrong email address. If so, just change it.
2) Your mail ended up in the spam folder. Gmail for example does that a lot,
3) RPGWatch is blocked by your provider.

The mail should be sent to you in a matter of minutes. If you have not received the mail, contact us.

First posts after registration
Once you activated your mail, the before mentioned restrictions are lifted, with the exception of your first 7 posts. These posts will need to be moderated. This has been introduced to prevent spammers from pestering our users.
After 7 posts, we think we have seen enough of you to determine if you are a spammer or not and your posts will no longer need to be moderated.
The above also applies to creating threads.

Terms of Service
Just in case you did not pay attention to it, our The Terms of Service or TOS can be found here. Any moderation activities use this TOS as a basis, so be sure you know what it is about.

Automatic cleanup of accounts
As we are unclear what the purpose is of registering without posting something, we will automatically clean up all accounts with zero posts after 1 month of registration. At the moment the only reason we can think of, why anyone would register but not post, is that they have information in their profile which they want the search engines to find as a kind of free advertising.
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