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July 4th, 2019, 08:51
Did you play with all of the DLC as well purpleblob? I know you're not a fan.

The factional interplay of Deadfire and Neketaka itself are its main strengths I think. The role-playing via the choose your own adventure segments have also been expanded and often work well in conjunction with skill checks. On the other hand the combat, characters, main story, dungeons and environments for me, don't feel quite as strong.

I'd already played through the main game on Veteran before the DLC came out and it was lacking pretty heavily in the challenge department back then. It's certainly a better experience now that I'm having to be more invested during encounters, but it's not without other issues.

Reaction system wise, I've only managed to make one NPC angry at my character's choices so far and that was by sheer accident. Pelligina cracked a major whoopsie after my party defended itself when attacked by the entire Bardatto clan. That was quite funny and unexpected. Her questline had a most peculiar hypothetical ethical quandry to it which felt slightly superficial in the way it was implemented. In other banter episodes, Maia and Tekehu have also had verbal disagreements, but nothing too radical yet. My choices are probably far too benevolent and honest to rub many of them the wrong way. I may have to do a full rogue pro-Principi run in the future to fix that.

I'm level 16 now and should probably stop doing sidequests and start the DLC soon. Might do the Arkamyr vault quest and pick up Fassina though first; an extra wizard sidekick could come in handy as I'm avoiding relying on Aloth this time around.
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July 4th, 2019, 09:51
I didn't play any of the DLCs - I was going to see if I like the base game first before committing to DLCs.

Mostly the uninspiring combat (+ terrible pathfinding in TB mode), exploration (got tired of the ship battles), faction bickering (I hate politics) and the strange languages used in Deadfire ruined the game for me. I didn't mind the NPCs that much so by the time I finished the game, I was on positive reputation with all companions (+2 rep with just two companions and rest were all at +1).

I headed for the final quest with level 16 party, but gained two more level for just getting the ghost ship and arriving at the final location. I think you will be max level by the time you go for the final quest
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