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Default CRPG Analyzer: A checklist for computer role-playing games

February 2nd, 2018, 16:10
Let's do the CRPG Analyzer checklist for Jagged Alliance 2:

I. The Checklist:

Character Development
Describes ways to create, change or enhance your characters in order to increase their effectiveness in the game.
  • Must Have
    C1: you can control and role-play one (=Avatar) or more (=Party) unique characters (-> not only uniform units) - yes
    C2: you can progressively develop your characters' stats and/or abilities (-> e.g. through an in game value (usually exp. points) gained by quests, exploration, conversation, combat, ) - yes
    C3: Checks against character stats and/or character abilities/skills are necessary to make progress and finish the game - yes
    C4: you can equip and enhance your characters with items you acquire - yes
  • Should Have
    C5: you can create your characters - only the main character
    C6: the player needs preplanning for the development of the character(s) - yes
    C7: the primary means of problem solving, gameworld interaction and overcoming challenges is the tactical use of character/party skills/abilities (-> the player's physical coordination skills are secondary) - yes

Includes how you can move through the game world, as well as everything you can find, see, manipulate or interact with, like locations, items and other objects.
  • Must Have
    E1: your character(s) can interact with the gameworld and find new locations by exploring. - yes
    E2: your character(s) can find items that can be collected in an inventory (-> there have to be more item types than quest items, weapons, ammunition and consumable stat boosters.) - yes
    E3: your character(s) can find information sources (-> e.g. NPCs, entities, objects that provide info) - yes
  • Should Have
    E4: there are NPCs in the game - yes
    E5: you can choose a path (-> there is at least some branching) - yes
    E6: your character(s) can manipulate the game world in some way (-> e.g. pull levers, push buttons, open chests, ) - yes
    E7: the gameworld can affect your character(s) (-> e.g. weather, traps, closed doors, poisoned areas, ) - yes
    E8: there are initially inaccessible areas in the gameworld that can only be reached by enhancing your characters' abilities, solving quests or puzzles (-> e.g. unlock locked areas, overcome obstacles, repair bridges, dispel barriers, ) - yes

Concerns all narrative elements like setting, lore, plot, characters, dialogue, quests, descriptions, storyline(s) and similar, including how you can interact with them.
  • Must Have
    S1: your character(s) can get information from information sources (-> e.g. hints, goals, quests, skills, spells, training, ) - yes
    S2: your character(s) can follow quests (-> there is at least one main quest) - yes
    S3: your character(s) can progress through connected events and play their role - yes
  • Should Have
    S4: the story is influenced by your decisions and your characters' actions and stats/abilities/skills. - yes
    S5: your character(s) can interact with information sources (-> e.g. NPC conversation, riddle statue question, ) - yes
    S6: your character(s) can make choices in those interactions - yes - a few
    S7: at least some of these choices have consequences - yes
    S8: advancing in the story requires thinking of the player (-> e.g. irreversible choices, moral dilemma, riddles, ) - yes- some strategic choices
Describes how combat (or more general: conflict resolving) corresponds with elements of Character Development, Exploration and Story.
  • Should Have
    F1: Combat efficiency is in some way tied to character stats or abilities (-> e.g. amount of damage, chance to hit, weapon access, ) - yes (bigger stats allows you to carry better weapons, special skills give combat advantages)
    F2: Combat works with some random elements (game internal dice rolls) - yes
    F3: Combat should provide some challenge (-> e.g. preparing, use of tactics or environment possible) - yes

The CRPG Analyzer checklist shows that Jagged Alliance 2 is very strong in the categories Exploration, Combat, good in story and nearly complete in the category Character Development.

Jagged Alliance 2 is a true RPG!
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