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Default Total War: Warhammer - Vampire Guide

May 31st, 2016, 08:19
PC Gamer has written a guide on how to take advantage of the Vampire faction in Total War: Warhammer.

The vampires are the most unusual of the starting factions in Total War: Warhammer. On the battlefield and off, their living dead have an array of special rules which make them unusually hard to beat. Their basic troops never run away and can act as tarpits for much more powerful units-but they have no ranged units whatsoever. What they do have is an array of flying units, magic and powerful heroes to lay waste to the enemy.

They also have a relatively safe starting position, in a corner of the Empire, backed up against The World's Edge Mountains. Sure, like every Warhammer faction, they're surrounded by enemies. And, sure those enemies see them as abominations that should be wiped off the face of the earth. But pacifying moves on the part of the vamps can neutralise that problem.

Corrupt and consume

When you're planning to conquer neighbouring provinces, it can be worth building upgraded Braziers in your border towns. These spread vampiric corruption in your neighbours, which in turn increases the chance of undead rebellions in those areas. This is a great distraction to potential attackers. You can also spread corruption using some of your hero units.

Vampiric corruption also increases public order in that province when you do eventually take control, meaning you have to spend less time with a giant army stack sitting in one place-crippling for a vampiric military campaign, given the cost of armies. And vampiric armies don't suffer attrition in corrupted provinces, making them all the easier for takeover.
More information.
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May 31st, 2016, 16:48
played about 40 or 50 turns of vampire counts and did not find them very challenging. basically the dwarves and goblins are too busy screwing themselves over to bother you, while the stupid humans are easy pickens.
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