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May 16th, 2010, 21:40
Hello, i'm kinda new to this forum (even tho i read many many things here that helped me) and i thought its better to register after all. Anyway, here is my problem (i searched about this on the forum but couldn't find what i was looking for) :
~I'm still not decided what faction to support (rebels/hashishins/orcs) but i want access to Ishtar to get the mastery of two-wielding.
I screwed with the factions a little (ie: i killed the underground rebels but i think i'll liberate the orc cities) but i like the idea to "be-friend with everybody then suddenly, strike!" like the russian roulette . Back to my question.. Is there any way to get 75% rep with Hashishins but WITHOUT killing any of the Water Mages?(i'm sure i'm not the only one feeling bad about killing our good friends from G1&G2). I don't care about the Nomads themselves.. and i know that the water mages are with the Nomads~

I have a second question (maybe more will come):
"One of the hashishins in Lago, finally told me that Vatras is the prisoner. I have 75% rep on Lago but Fabio(leader) won't give me the key for the prison(no dialogue). I've tried to put the guards nearby on sleep & and kill him at night but it doesn't work and the liberation start. Is there anyway to get that key? w/o cheating ofc."]

Thanks to all in advance!
Sorry if my english is not so good…
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May 19th, 2010, 10:06
Welcome to the forums!

Rep with Hashishin:
I very much doubt you're going to get access to Ishtar without killing any water magicians. In fact, you have to complete almost every major Hashishin questline to get that 75%. To get such rep, you basically need to "complete cities" by getting high enough reputation to speak to whoever leads the city, and then complete his/her quest.

Like I said, I doubt it's possible to do it without killing any water magicians, but you could always try by doing the quests for every other major Hashishin leader (except the guy that gives you the water magician quest).

I don't remember Lago, but I seem to recall getting the key if I was supposed to kill Vatras (by being on the kill quest). Other than that, I think killing Fabio is the only option (it might be the only option regardless, I honestly don't remember).
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May 19th, 2010, 16:36
Ok so i could not play G3 these days(school..) and thanks for your answers, i'll see tomorrow when i'll have some time to play .
About Lago, i remember i tried to kill Fabio but as i said, the liberation start when i attack him. It seems there is no way to lure him out of village or anything else without the guards to know ( even if they don't see the fight ). If there's no other way to get that key, i'll liberate the.. village.
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May 19th, 2010, 21:35
Wait till night-time, draw weapon near Fabio, wait until he attacks, put weapon away, run away but keep within detect distance, lure him into the desert toward pack of jackals, wait at safe distance untill jackals have killed Fabio, when they have gone loot key from Fabio.
You need to kill Shakyor for the lion stone and access to Ishtar. Lure Fabio using method described but toward Shakyor, Fabio will kill Shakyor and lion with ease….then have Fabio killed, do the same with the orc etc' - this way will leave no consequences attributed to NH. Lago can be totally liberated this way.
Other killing will have to be done by this stealth method to gain access to Ishtar, eg: Rhobar etc' - the watermages need not be killed as they are Aligned to Adanos as with the nomads.
Throughout the game there are beasts/monsters available at strategic points where quest completion is required with *no* negative consequences to NH, use them to advantage!
There is 100% hashishin reputation that can be gained, not killing watermages leaves 75% - the exact amount for Ishtar access, it isn't difficult.

Good luck.
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May 22nd, 2010, 12:27
Ishtar :
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May 25th, 2010, 12:17
Alrik, that has nothing to do with G3 altough there are some interesting information in there.

Thanks Wulf, i tried what you said about Fabio and it worked without the liberation to start; and about Ishtar access, i haven't got +2rep in Myrtana (Cape Dun - escaped slave / Silden - shaman Grompel) so i'd have to kill some water mages but i guess there aren't many differences between dual wield and master dual wield. Thanks for your help!
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dual, ishtar, mage, reputation, water
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