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Default Das Geisterschiff, a Turn-Based Adventure (in development)

September 18th, 2018, 16:40
Releasing tomorrow on Itch.io. Feel free to grab the latest demo.
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Yesterday, 20:10
OK, I grabbed the demo. It looks really good. What's are your results on trying to get this on Steam. This looks really polished.

The wireframe style will put some people off unfortunately I think. The music is great.

(The following comes across as too critical but its not meant to be. Please take it in the spirit its meant to be. I know how difficult it is to make a game and hats off you for dealing with the Unity engine.)

The controls throw me off. The first thing I did was reach for my mouse, which of course, doesn't do anything. Then I started using my arrow keys which turned out to cycle through the always on menu instead of moving my character. I'm in the "Controls Sheet" and I see you can't remap the keys. I prefer to turn than to strafe (which since Doom people have done the opposite) but if I could get the arrows to remap to turn that make it more enjoyable for me.

Not only can't I remap the keys I can't figure out how to exit Controls Sheet. Intuitively I pound the ESC keep but it keeps not working the 5th and 6th time I hit it. Normally I use ESC to pause the game and toggle the menu and only then I am ok with using the arrows to scroll through them

There's a little too much German for English speaking audiences I think. And by "too much" I mean "any". So far the translations are great but there are things like "Controls Sheet" instead of "Control Sheet" (or more simply, "Controls") and area names in German which are noticeable.

Again, this thing has a lot of polish and I think you can make a few bucks. These are just recommendations. I think it could be the difference for you whether some kid in the middle of Nova Scotia punches in his dad's credit card number and transfers his cash to you then tells all his friends what a great game this is.

I know non-native English speakers have had to put up with a lot but for the same reasons English speakers are spoiled. If I were to recommend a game named "Das Geisterschiff" to a few of my friends, 100% chance they won't buy it. If I saw it on Itchio and not here the first thing that would popup in my mind is "obscure German game" then move on. "The Ghost Ship" is a really catchy name in English and native speakers would definitely look twice when they saw it.

I hope I don't come across as too critical. I do realize its probably too late to add mouse controls at this point and it may be too late for some language localization.

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