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Default Diablo II Remaster on the way?

May 11th, 2020, 12:03
According to this:
It'll be a long time before Diablo 4 becomes a reality, so fans have to satiate their hunger with older titles. While there is nothing inherently wrong with Diablo 3, it requires an active connection at all times, much to the dismay of those who want to play offline. That leaves us with Diablo 2. The game has high replayability value even twenty years after its release. Now, some rumors from a French website indicate that the game is all set to receive a much-needed makeover.

According to Actugaming claims that it received a tip from a 'reliable source,' which states that a Diablo 2 Remaster is in the works and slated to drop later this year. All the heavy lifting, however, will be done by Vicarious Visions of the Crash Bandicoot fame. The game is expected to drop sometime in Q4 2020, and will likely be unveiled at Blizzcon later in the year.

While Actugaming has been fairly spot-on with its previous Blizzard-centric leaks, it's best if we take this one with a grain of salt. Last year, the development team behind Diablo 2 said that the original assets of the game were 'lost' and that a remake would involve redesigning it from scratch. Diablo 2 is not a small game by any means, and redeveloping it from the ground up is an arduous task. One can only hope that Vicarious Visions does a better job than Warcraft 3 Reforged.
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May 11th, 2020, 14:33
Has anyone played the D2 remake in Grim Dawn? Wonder how that plays if you take only Diablo 2 classes. I never played D1 or D2 much at all. Those types of games didn't interest me back in the day.
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May 11th, 2020, 15:29

Some impressions are found here: https://www.rpgwatch.com/forums/showthread.php?t=45086

Using only D2 classes should play well. It's probably a bit easier than using only grim dawn classes. (At least for the Normal/Normal+ campaign)

Some skills are nearly exactly translated from D2 to the mod. Some are not. For instance, there doesn't seem to be an accurate equivalent for skills that target corpses (like corpse explosion). Hence, corpse explosion is just a standard AoE spell. Which takes away some of the fun for this specific build.

Other builds should translate pretty well from classic D2 to the mod.

edit: just saw that you actually already posted in the linked thread
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May 12th, 2020, 16:55
As long as it's not an exclusive limited to Blizzard, I'd likely check this out. If it is affiliated in any way with Blizzard, I'll be taking a huge pass.
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May 13th, 2020, 12:25
I consider D2 to be rather archaic these days - but I'll take a visual upgrade and have a little fun with it.

That said, if it happens, it's probably just another cheap cash-grab. I mean, did you guys see what they did with the WC3 remaster? Talk about not hitting your mark.

They have more money than god - and they certainly used to have master craftsmen.

Current leadership must be really low quality for them to do so poorly with all that potential.




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