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August 17th, 2018, 09:34
Cyberpunk adventure game State of Mind has been released recently.

Comicbook: 4/5

But I will tell you why itís so excellent. For starters, the writing is simply of considerable quality, which isnít very surprising when you consider Martin Gantefohr is the pen behind it. Many adventure games are riddled with filler and congested with forgettable and inconsequential conversations. But I never felt this was an issue in State of Mind. Almost everything I read or listen to felt like it served another narrative facet: whether world-building, character development, or enriching the story. And it's all helped along with excellent pacing, and a story that takes its time to unveil itself, but also is mindful of your time.

Well Played 8.5/10

Despite the incessant gushing over the story this game tells and the topics it delves into, I do have a couple issues with State of Mind. The first would be that the game doesnít really have any indicator of your current objective, meaning it is easy to end up cluelessly meandering around the areas available to you, interacting with everything in the hope of pushing the story forward. It can be argued that not explicitly telling me where to go encouraged me to interact with things I may have otherwise avoided, but it does feel like a small oversight that could easily be alleviated by adding a current objective indicator. It also needs to be said that controlling your character can sometimes be a bit odd and finicky, but this only occurs in small instances, mainly when youíre stuck in a narrow area.

PSU 8/10

Likewise, the level of challenge that players will encounter in State of Mind is hardly prohibitive. Puzzles, such as they are, are immensely straightforward affairs and hardly require either previous genre experience or a sky-high IQ to solve, lending credence to the fact that State of Decay is more concerned with players completing the narrative journey more than anything else.

BagoGames 7/10

State of Mind is more about the journey than the destination. Soaking in the atmosphere and passively accepting certain absurd plot developments is key to appreciating the game for what it is. It may have some baggage, but at the end of the day, itíll keep you invested in Richard and Adamís plight.

Invision Community 8/10

While State of Mind doesnít have incredible, photorealistic graphics or fast-paced gameplay, it offers an interesting and engaging story, with fascinating characters and beautiful stages. At £25.99 at full price (10% off until August 16th) I would recommend State of Mind to anyone looking for a new, unique story game. State of Mind will release on PS4, XBox One, PC and Switch on August 15th.
Thanks Farflame!

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August 17th, 2018, 09:57
Sounds pretty good! I installed and played it a bit yesterday and found it interesting from the very start, I feel that a small warning flag is raised though, with reviewers calling the game "straightforward & not difficult".

That moves my mind in the direction of "Telltale Games Territory", a place Iīd rather stay out of.
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August 17th, 2018, 18:02
Is this an RPG or an Adventure game? Daedalic tends to make Adventure games.

Negative comments on Steam show complaints that there is little for the user to do. It is mostly moving to the next cut scene and that dialogue choices route to the same result.
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