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July 11th, 2020, 20:31
Sword Legacy: Omen (2018), one of my prizes from the RPGWatch raffle.

It's a linear mission-based game that kinda-is and kinda-isn't an RPG kinda-thing. You have a good roster of characters, all of which have their own level-up system, but they're all pre-designed and there's no player input into character creation. They go on adventures, but it's via very tightly controlled missions that it calls quests, like, it says "start quest?" and click yes, and you walk around a very short map, learn a bit of story and fight a couple of set-piece combat encounters and it says "quest completed" and takes you back to a management screen, where you can shop, level-up and etc.

Somewhat awkwardly there's no save slots. You can just press save and exit the game, it's one of those games where you find 'save-points' in the game world during quest (missions). It also saves automatically outside of quests.

I've done quite a few quests so far and so far it's enjoyable enough and at this point I'm not regretting my key-choice in the raffle and am actually quite happy indeed. So far, of course.
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July 11th, 2020, 22:08
Originally Posted by JosephStallone View Post
I am just planning to start Overcooked 2. I have heard alot about this game.
Is it me or this smells like a mmo advertising bot?
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Yesterday, 13:13
Late to the party V345876 edition: Crosscode
An amusing indie title -- love the battles and pixel art, but after 5+ hours, the highly praised story is nowhere to be found. Will continue playing
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Today, 00:09
Havimg another crack at Pathfinder Kingmaker whilst I wait for Knights of the Chalice 2 to patch. I've beaten Chapter 1 twice already over the last year and enjoyed it, but then given up when it gets to the kingdom management stuff. Maybe I'll stick it out this time. I've gone with a knife master.
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Today, 08:56
Currently (re)playing Greedfall after having stopped a session some time ago. Started a new character and having some good fun this run.
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Today, 16:19
Still playing EQ2 on the Kaladim server, and today will see a patch hit that will change much of the gear, as well as some tactics in progression tasks. It will be well worth watching just to see what transpires. Oddly this is like the third TLE for DP games and they just cannot seem to get things right, I'm guessing mainly because current and TLE servers all function off the same core base, rather than being separate entities.
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Today, 17:11
Went back to replaying a bunch of Total War games. After a while you notice how stale the formula has gotten. Guess all those Paradox grand strategy games ruined me.
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Today, 19:41
Yeah, Total War is another one of those series that doesn't incrementally improve in the search for perfection but just instead reiterates itself into different graphics and engines and reskins. All the stuff that irritated you about the last one hasn't been improved upon and all the things you liked have been changed. Which one is the 'best'? The first one you played to death usually.
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