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Yes it can't hurt this site 4 14.81%
No, if you want to do your own thing then this isn't the place to do it 8 29.63%
Doesn't matter I only come here because I love the site. 15 55.56%
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Default Should promoting your site

May 3rd, 2015, 16:56
Just a word of warning - the beginning of the end of any web forum comes in the form of people breaking off to form their own cliquey forums. I recommend that the admin of this forum, whoever he is, proceed to ban and Codexwitz anyone and everything in his path until all secessionist ideas are stamped out.
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May 3rd, 2015, 18:25
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
It might be prudent to pick moderators with a lesser need for attention

I enjoy the mostly mature and levelheaded exchange on the Watch, but after the last couple of moderator additions, it's been more of a struggle. It's felt like many members were criticised for not being politically correct enough, and some for being critical. Those weren't big issues in the past, as I recall and I definitely prefer the non-agenda Watch.

But whatever floats your boat. It's not my site, so I shouldn't really call any shots.
Again D'Artagnan thinks the same thing as I do.

I have really noticed that communities with older members on the Internet have much less of a need to moderate or have tight rules. I think it explains much of how this place functioned.

It only takes a few younger members who have agendas of their own to change a dynamic completely. So far you can still speak your mind. But if there is a chilling effect and topics and opinions that are gradually more unacceptable and some people get reprimanded then the free community can vanish and be replaced by an authoritarian one.

Something Awful for instance used to be a very chaotic place. Now it is agressively politically correct and everyone has to watch what they say.

And when it comes to games it is dangerous to follow hype, so the critics should be welcome instead of being told they "have no heart". Unbiased, unvarnished truth is very hard to find in the industry. If not from communities like this one, where will you find it? Other than ordinary users like you, no one has your best interests at heart. Everyone wants you to just spend your money without question.
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Originally Posted by Ephesians 5:11
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May 3rd, 2015, 18:59
I'm not entirely sure why, but I have this weird desire to post this youtube link here:

I think it's more apt than Dez's link anyway

Don't forget the whole Lost in Translation aspect as well though guy'n'gals, those ol' USofAers are born to sell sell sell!!!!
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May 4th, 2015, 10:41
Well, I think there should be an option like "To a certain extent it is okey" but it is important to draw a line so it doesn't become too much.
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