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March 25th, 2020, 18:57
Originally Posted by forgottenlor View Post
I think a lot of this has to do with your group and maturity. I always was the DM, and I let this go as a teenager, because I thought everyone should have the freedom to play as they want. As I grew older, I came to realize it was no fun for me to run these scenarios, so at two points I told players "I'm not going to play this situation out. Either we play together as a team, or you can find a new DM. In one situation a player left the group (which was no loss) and in another the player left for one session and then asked to return after agreeing to not try to off or steal from the other players.
We had factions in my NWN PW and most of them were in conflict with each in one way or the other. It was based on Wheel of Time. Any PvP though was always DM monitored and part of an event. But that didn't mean there weren't griefers and that meant the ban hammer and groups of the faction dealing with the trouble maker until that could happen. Duels were another thing and the opponents tended to sort that sort of thing out themselves.

One thing I wanted left in the game is AoE spells and other things like that could damage you or your teammates so it made it harder and made them play smarter. I felt like it was my goal to keep people challenged all the time.

Regarding griefers, many times they would insist they were "darkfriends" and "playing their character" by randomly killing people in broad daylight on the street. As far as managing them, keeping them in the Darkfriends at least kept all my problem players identifiable and in one place.
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October 9th, 2021, 14:18
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post

My most favourite games, still, like "The Dark Eye : The River Of Time".

Even as a kid, even as a teenager, and most certainly when I became older, I could never find any kind of "fun" in doing things like you descibe it.
To me, this sounds simply immature.

According to your way of thinking you have outlined there, a certain virus is having LOTS of FUN right now.
I believe it makes him feel hardcore, like he is above of that. More masculine I guess. I have hard time understanding certain people aswell, but from what I saw and was told usually this will appeal to those who 1. either never experienced anything bad so they cannot imagine how others feel (boys around 10-25), or 2. they were abused in their childhood or saw it as an idol of their society and then they will not be able to help themselves to do the same. Or something in between. But I don't think aswell it is a sign of not only mature, but also balanced person.
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October 9th, 2021, 14:43
And about the pvp in Fallout 76 - I guess nobody will find out what was happening in Bethesda back then, maybe they really just saw success of Rust and Ark and decided that was easy without knowing what it does include, because they had all the problems of pvp from the very start: 1. lags 2. bad shooting mechanics 3. abusable engine 4. for some reason focus on groups 5. priority of ingame shop over private servers which would solve all of their problems 6. no pvp mechanics, with open shooting being there instead of pvp mechanics - that is classic actually.

The only game I was having fun with pvp/pve was a game with enough of mechanics to allow me to escape pvp if I wanted or avoid it with in game mechanics/skills - not just flags, and I didn't see it in the newer games.

I just know that when I saw Fallout 76 now - it is really not for me - just farming spammy repetitive grindy simplistic game. But I guess fallout 4 fans are OK with that.
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