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Default Help naming a game with an unusual setting

Yesterday, 10:13
Hi RPG, I could use some help remembering the name of a game. I never played it. It was something a friend had that I started to look through. I'ld forgotten all about it, but recently remembered. This is what I recall:
The setting is all that I kind of remember because it was so odd. It's only a half-world, specifically comparing itself to a snow-globe. On the very bottom (base) was water, but anything that came into contact with the water would sink. No one knows what, if anything, lies beyond the watery surface.

There were seven layers of air above the ocean, each with a separate name and wind direction. In the center of the snow-globe there was a storm - a hurricane or cyclone or something. There were 5… IDK, seasons? Something about the weather pattern.
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Yesterday, 13:20
How long ago was this? Do you remember the year?

Was it an RPG? What platform was it on?
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Yesterday, 15:32
I'm pretty sure this is already answered on reddit, where the same question has actually a bit more info. (bot copy?)

And it's not a video game RPG, but tabletop.

If this is not a bot I have a suggestion: If you post questions like this on multiple pages/forums, make sure to link between them, so that people are aware if the question is already answered.
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