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April 29th, 2018, 10:52
Some reviews for the colony survival game Frostpunk.

PC Invasion 80
Frostpunk is no city builder, if that's what you're looking for then this is not a game for you. If you are on the other hand wanting to be pushed when it comes to city management, survival, research and moral decisions, that's where Frost Punk delivers. Be prepared to be stressed when things don't go your way.

Hooked Gamers 92
Frostpunk is special, it's one of a kind in that the game is used as a vehicle to convey a message in a way that most games can't even aspire to achieve. You'll switch of your PC after a session and walk off filled with what if's and that is an amazing experience. Few developers understand how to play the heart strings well, but 11 bit studios are proving themselves to be the orchestra conductor.

Gameplanet 90
Frostpunk is a bleak and challenging colony builder/survival title that will either give you more respect for your boss, or have you rallying your co-workers to oust them.

Metro GameCentral 90
It may have the framework of an ordinary city builder but there's an insightful, and frequently disturbing, philosophical message at the heart of this cross-genre classic.

IGN 90
Even though the bleakness is palpable, Frostpunk is a captivating experience. The gameplay is unique and varied, using the best aspects of city-building and survival games, with a little exploration mixed in.

GameSpot 90
Frostpunk is among the best overall takes on the survival city builder to date. Its theming and consistency create a powerful narrative through line that binds your actions around the struggle to hold onto humanity in uncertain times. Hope is a qualified good, but you may not always be strong enough (or clever enough) to shelter that flame from the cold.
More information.
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April 30th, 2018, 05:48
Its good.
As expected. Same developers as This War of Mine.
Only niggle is GPU RAM usage is very high for what is presented onscreen.
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April 30th, 2018, 14:59
Niggle lol…
Actually it's expected too as for all I know, engine used is Unity.
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April 30th, 2018, 17:48
This actually looks really interesting.

I particularly like the part at the end, where he's discussing how he put down a rebellion by making himself a religious leader, and executing the heretics.
"An era can be considered over when its basic illusions have been exhausted." Arthur Miller
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May 1st, 2018, 13:08
Originally Posted by codexcat View Post
Its good.
As expected. Same developers as This War of Mine.
It is not sufficient.

TWoM was a great game because the underlying topic reinforces the gameplay mechanics. And vice versa. A synergy between the two. Pawns were raised to characters through the ongoing experience, the ordeal of war lived through the eyes of a collection of personalities, one at a time. Gameplay through avatars. Who brought their own limits and pushed them on a player.
This made this game a resolutely SP game.

Devs tried to decline the same approach to a society. This makes the whole stuff disembodied : two global variables (discontent, hope) to measure the whole thing.
This led the decision making to be detached from a player, except for self image. Players might try to take good decisions opposed to evil decisions the way they perceive them. The pressure to take a decision comes from themselves, they might want to feel as a compassinated guy, they might have fun playing a cruel guy etc.
It comes from themselves, not from the experience they are supposed to live, situations do not force them into decision making. They feel strong.

TWoM was not friendly to streamers, FP definitively is.
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