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Default Last game you finished, tell us about it

June 25th, 2018, 22:33
Finished Life is Strange. Opinion didn't change from early impressions. Very well made but I didn't care for Max or Chloe, or the music. I'm going to give Before the Storm a go because it's shorter and I want to know more about Rachel Amber. Not looking forward to having to put up with Chloe's bs. I'm also looking forward to LiS2 because it will feature a new cast that, hopefully, I will find more agreeable.
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June 26th, 2018, 17:28
Finished Dragon Knight Saga - which is the remastered version of Divinity ii which includes Ergo Draconis and expansion Flames of Vengeance.
Preface I had played this game once before around 2012 give or take a year; I played on hard the entire game 'cept last 20 minutes.
The game is like a lot of divinity games in style - that is lots of puzzles some odd larian humour and a story set in the divinity world. Unlike the other offerings it is realtime first person (think skyrim) with a unique touch later in the game that allows you to turn into a dragon. The game starts out fairly well with an explanation of story and objective and fairly straight forward game-play. None of the quests the first 1/2 are terribly difficult et all.
The game ramps up quite a bit in quest difficulty but not combat difficulty the 2nd 1/2 of Ero portion of the game and the density of surrounding becomes more obtuse as you have obtained the ability to fly making it more difficult to discover the secrets of the landscape. Also there is a bit annoying portion here as there are many areas where you can't fly or walk and you have to constant switch between the two.
Flame of Vengence is much like the first part with regards to non-flying but the quest structure is much more complex (more difficulty puzzles) and lots of moral choices (though the game itself has no moral compass (that is nothing changes your character if your choices are good or evil). I think the game is fairly well done with regards to quests but if you are not patient you will lean towards cheats. There are also the few rooms with hard to find hidden buttons but none of the original sin games puzzles with buttons.
Graphics: Fine - not today realisim for sure but not blocky and more than adequate for playing.
Technical: A few crashes on windows 10 64. I suspect the game has a memory leak and dies when it reaches 4GB - but made no effort to watch memory usage or confirm if this was the case.
God Awful: The very last portion of the game - think last 30 minutes to last 2 hours depending how many times you reload - which consist of escorting a zepplin and very final fight. I switch to casual (though I'm not sure the switch to casual help with zepplin escort as i was already in the final portion) and i had to play on something less than hard for the last fight as the opponent healed faster than my build could damage them.
It's not a perfect game and not for someone who doesn't want to pay attention and figure out what is happening (i.e, quests do not indicators on the map - but most mentions in broad sense location you need to go - i.e, last seen at xyz house for example) also if you don't examine the surrounding you will miss many quests - none of that go here to start a quest…..
8/10 - some of the quests are convoluted and that last little bit is just plain annoying otherwise a pretty decent game.
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July 7th, 2018, 22:30
DKS is a solid game and I can agree with a 8/10. I might even give it a little more because I played it after a small dry spell, but it definitely has it flaws. I believe it runs on the Morrowind/Oblivion engine which I never really liked. The loading for each door you go through bothers me, while the running and jumping never felt satisfying to me.

Mass effect: Andromeda. Took me about 50 hours according to steam. Quest log is empty except for 5 smaller tasks that I can't be bothered about. Enough has been said about MEA so I'll just give the highlights:
- driving around on the planets was fun (unlike ME1)
- as an arcade shooter solid but way too easy
- too many irrelevant quests and grinding
- not as polished
- I actually liked the story
Spoiler – a

In sum, nice arcade shooter but mediocre RPG.
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July 10th, 2018, 23:20
I completed Shining Force the first (well, not really the first but the one that came after the Darkness game), and just like the other four or five times I played this one through, I had a great time. I look at the twenty or so games that are waiting for me that I've never played, and then I glance at Shining Force the second, and….well, off I go!!!!

Really, if you like good, solid tactical combat, some secrets along the way and a huge roster to choose from, this game is pretty spectacular. Of course, you'll have to tolerate older graphics as well.
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July 15th, 2018, 21:28
After being distracted for other games (among them, Fallout 1.5 Resurrection mod which I do recommend), I finally finished Horizon: Zero Dawn (and its expansion Frozen Wilds) a couple of days ago.

If you still don't know, I've already shared my thoughts about H:ZD in the thread Horizon: Zero Dawn Review (yes, I created that thread before finishing the game and my review and score still stand). Should you wanna discuss about H:ZD, I recommend posting there.
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