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March 17th, 2020, 09:18
John Carmack said it right here. he literally predicted it and outlined it:…hp?topic=882.0

//// John Carmack <>, Technical Director
at Id Software, answers why Id chose to port DOOM to the Jaguar.

Feel free to quote this.

We have a few reasons for not developing on the 3DO, but
development machine bigotry isn't one of them. I used an apple IIGS
for snes development (I am never, EVER, going to work with nintendo
again), and I am suffering with an atari falcon for Jaguar work
until I can port the tools to NEXTSTEP. I wouldn't turn away a mac
based environment.

The biggest reason is that I doubt that 3DO is going to become a
huge success. $750 is way out of line for a pure entertainment
machine. Was the NEO-GEO a success two years ago? We bought one,
but we don't know anoyone else that did. I doubt there will be all
that many units sold.

To make matters worse, there are over one hundred third party
licensees suposedly developing on 3DO. If there were only a couple
companies developing for it, they might make money. I predict there
is going to be some serious lossage going on in the 3DO developer

The other major argument is somewhat philosphical. I don't like
what people expect out of CD games. Does anyone think that the
cheeseball dialog in crash and burn is a GOOD addition? It turns my
stomach. People expect CD games to have tons of digitized speech
and video, and the 3DO is going to be strongly associated with it.
The joke here is that if we ever do a CD version of DOOM, you are
going to get the game and "The Making of DOOM" a one hour feature
film. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars putting all
this media into their games, and it often actually detracts from
it. We don't want to be part of this crowd.

I would rather cut down to the essentials and fit on a cartridge
than uselessly bulk up on a CD. I have a minimallist sense of
aesthetics in game design.

Many developers are planning on waiting out the eary 32 bit
hardware wars, but I want to do a cool product even if it doesn't
make tons of money. Sandy (our map designer) semi-derisively calls
DOOM jaguar my "reward" for writing DOOM pc. "Good job, you can go
play with your new toys." :-)

Our initial appraisal of the Jaguar was "nice system, but Atari
probably can't make it a success". But when I got the technical
documentation, I was VERY impressed. This is the system I want to
see become a standard platform.

I was slated to do a cut down version of DOOM for the super
nintendo SFX chip, but I kept thinking about how cool a jaguar
version of DOOM would be, and nintendo kept rejecting
wolfenstein-snes for b*****t reasons (a golden cross bonus item
might offend christians. right.).

We finaly decided that we didn't want to be a part of the
chicken-and-the-egg problem of new systems not attracting customers
because developers haven't written for the platform because there
are no customers. The jag is cool, I think it has a shot at
success, and I am going to put my time where my mouth is.

Why the jag is cooler than the 3DO (from my point of view): It
only costs $250. The bulk of its processing power is user
programmable. The 3DO has a capable main processor (a couple times
better than the weak 68k in the jag), but most of its power is in
custom hardware that has narrow functionality for affine
transformations. The jag has some stupid hardware for z buffering
and gouraud shading, but I can just ignore it and tell the two
27mhz risc chips to do EXACTLY what I want. A 64 bit bus with
multiple independant processors may not be the easiest thing to
optimize for, but there is a LOT of potential.

There will probably be a version of DOOM for 3DO. We are talking
with a few companies about licensing out the port. It would be kind
of fun to do it here, but I am eager to get to work on the next
generation game engine that will make DOOM look puny…

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March 17th, 2020, 15:29
Always good to read stuff from Carmack!

I've always admired him in the same way others look up to athletes and movie stars, etc. Always looked forward to his long keynote speeches at quakecon and stuff.

Kinda sucks that he bailed on game development to work on VR, which I've yet to get excited about. In fact, I almost resent VR for taking resources away from real games. Everyone wants a Half-life 3 but we get a Half-life Alyx? pfffft.

But, yeah, I never knew anyone with a 3DO, Jaguar or Neo-geo. I have played Neo-geo cabinets at the arcades back in the late 90s. Metal Slug, anyway.

How consoles went in my locale was like… A few people had NES. Then SEGA kind of took over for a while with the Master System and the Mega Drive (Genesis) but a few kids had SNES. Then SEGA died and N64 was more popular than Playstation, for a while, but by PS2 all competition was gone until the Xbox.
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March 17th, 2020, 17:55
I womder if he still uses that old email address or if its active? also wasnt 3do a sort of western system? did it have anyw estern rpgs on it?
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March 20th, 2020, 17:09
one thing I cant understand is how the 3do came out only like a year before playstation and saturn while being like twice as expensive and having inferior hardware. i imagine they got ripped off in manufacturing it somewhere down the supply chain?
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March 23rd, 2020, 20:02
Originally Posted by AppleIntimidation View Post
John Carmack said
I care about that name equally as I care about last year's snow.
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March 23rd, 2020, 20:50
The 3DO failed because it cost 700 freaking dollars when it came out, confused everyone because two different companies made it (Panasonic was one, can't recall the other), and half the exclusives were crappy FMV games. The Jaguar was also a piece of junk sold on false promises, but at least it didn't cost $700.
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March 23rd, 2020, 22:49
When Xbox One was being revealed my first impression was that MS was going to re-create the disaster that was 3DO. Morphing a gaming machine into an all-purpose media player might seem great on paper, but has always been a disaster in the market place. The price is always too high and the hardware is always too mediocre (for games). Luckily, MS gave up on many of their disastrous plans and Xbox One turned out okay, but did have the consequence of keeping Xbox One in second place to PS4.
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