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March 11th, 2020, 21:43
Gaming Bolt interviews Revolution co-founder Charles Cecil about Beyond a Steel Sky.

There's a drastic change in how players are going to interact with Beyond a Steel Sky as compared to what Beneath the Steel Sky was. What led to that change? Was it simply because of the passage of time, or are you looking to try some other, newer things in terms of what sort of a gameplay experience this is going to be?

When the original Beneath a Steel Sky was released, point and click adventures represented the cutting edge of graphics technology. The vision for Beyond a Steel Sky is to deliver the narrative and puzzle structure of an adventure, but in a much more dynamic way utilizing the opportunities of current technology.

We have once again partnered with Dave Gibbons, and are using advanced toon-rendering technology to create an interactive comic book style. Not only does this offer a unique look, but it also works well for an adventure game - the flat-coloured backgrounds make it easier for the player to scan and recognize objects that will be relevant to solve the section's puzzles. Rendering the game in 3D also, of course, offers great opportunities for dramatic cinematography.

The core gameplay developments actually take inspiration from Revolution's original games, in particular Lure of the Temptress - that of creating a 'virtual theatre' environment in which AI-driven characters inhabit the world, following their own motivations which the player can then subvert - either directly through their actions in the world, or indirectly through hacking the AI systems to create unexpected outcomes for those characters. This makes the world feel very dynamic, with the solutions to puzzles often emerging from logical character behaviours.

These elements do mean that the game will offer an entirely new experience, albeit one that takes place in a familiar setting for fans of the original.

More information.
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March 11th, 2020, 22:25
Looking forward to this one. It sounds characters will have their daily routine and many puzzles will be based on that.

Not sure if it has been applied a lot in adventure gaming. At least not to that extent. I remember a lot of timing puzzles in the point and click genre, or waiting until the lady walks the dog (bass), following a certain shopkeeper (mi), etc.
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March 11th, 2020, 22:40
More about the game in english dev diary:

New videos of RPGs/story-driven games (+ENG subtitles):
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March 12th, 2020, 01:26
I loved the original adventure game back in the 90s, and I'm eagerly awaiting this.
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March 12th, 2020, 11:56
If Dave Gibbons is back, I'm too.
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March 12th, 2020, 19:48
I have a baad feeling about this.

Beneath was amazing, BTW.
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March 12th, 2020, 20:34
I have some good memories of this but I'm not sure if a current rendition could ever match the classic. I'll be watching to see what happens.
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