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Default Thea 2: The Shattering - Releasing May 13th

April 16th, 2019, 09:36
A Kickstarter update for Thea 2: The Shattering announces a May 13th release date.

Thea 2: The Shattering launch date announced!

Posted by MuHa Games (Creator)

So the cat is out of the bag, we hope to release our second baby out in full on May 13th 2019!

We still have several weeks of hard work and heavy polish to make the game what we want it to be before release, but we are confident Thea 2 is nearly ready to see the wider world.

Early Access so far

The minimap is live, so no more guessing where the other biomes are hiding.
We've made an array of significant changes, updates and additions during ea, and we hope you will enjoy the final product.

Over the last two months, some of the bigger updates have been:

- minimap

- revamp of crafting and resources

- re-design and addition of new god traits and god cards (you can now begin the game with more non-human characters, and there is a points system)

- added domination victory, which allow for players to complete the game in ways other than the main quest (some victory conditions include reaching certain population threshold, killing enough of the other factions or having a diverse population)

- quest logbook (full implementation in progress)

- fixed minor factions so they can now appear on biomes alongside the main faction villages (so now you can meet Stingers, Night Demons, Forest Demons, Scavengers or the Shadowkin)

Stingers are one of the minor factions that now work, and it seems those bees like to ride wolves…
Those are but a few of the major changes, but we've also been constantly improving and fixing things, in accordance to our wonderfully active community.

Last steps?

There are several key aspects that need to make their way into the game before May 13th:

- kickstarter events and divine quest line (both are due to return from the proofreading within a week and will be implemented soon after)

- VO for the main quest (in progress)

- general balance (in progress)

Thanks you for submitting this news!

More information.
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April 16th, 2019, 10:24
Cool. Thanks
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