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August 7th, 2013, 19:47
The Digital Fix has reviewed Expeditions: conquistador and awarded it with a score of 8.

Sadly itís not all peaches and cream. Some units and abilities feel horribly underpowered. Scholars, who are critical for the crafting mentioned above (which in turn is essential for the more difficult stages), can bolster other units with additional actions per turn but itís easier and more effective to just have another unit in their place altogether. Ranged units, which should dominate given the theme, are very weak; their hallmark ability Quick Shot (two reduced accuracy shots) is almost entirely useless. Troops can be upgraded with equipment but, as another scarce resource you barter for along with rations and medicine, thereís never enough to go round, so preparation before each battle involves a tedious reallocation of kit to whoever youíre sending to fight.

Although most levels are well laid out there are inconsistencies. In one example I had surprised my opponent and was given the option to set an ambush. Despite this advantage, I was thoroughly trounced. After reloading the battle to try the other option - a direct challenge on the open field - the revised map was actually much more advantageous than the layout for my ďambushĒ, which had spread my troops out too wide to be of much use. In other cases levels are a bit busy with foliage or items and it can be hard to accurately select and move your troops. This can be potentially fatal when youíre on the verge of winning or losing and you accidentally send someone in entirely the wrong direction.
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August 7th, 2013, 19:47
I enjoyed this game at first, but found the gameplay to be too tedious. I completed missions but had difficulty finding new locations and exploration was made difficult by the constant ailments my party suffered. Maybe I would have had more patience if I didn't have so many other great games to choose from and not much time to play them anyhow.
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