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December 27th, 2011, 16:43

"Not good," Rosier mused at the war declaration on his desk. Andhaira's forces couldn't delay them long enough. His fist banged the table as he pondered his options.

Bioware isn't ready. The Ritualists of the Veil may call upon the flames of Hell to aid the defense of the holy city, but the sheer number of the Grigori Dragon Slayers and Catapults will overwhelm them within months.

"We need another army. Someone close enough to divert Cassiel's attention," his brows furrowed as his quill scratches the blank parchment in front of him. Once done, he read and re-read the agreement. It would have to do…

Months later..

"So, you've called upon the Khazads…" Hyborem growled.
"I see no other choice, Master. The Calabims are simply too far to mount any effective offense. The Khazads are staring at the Grigori backs…hopefully this will split the Grigori attention into two," Rosier explained.
"Do as you wish..I have pirates to burn..if Bioware falls…you will burn along with it."

The demon lord cuts off the telepathic connection as Rosier directed more catapults through the Obsidian Gates. Time's ticking. The enemy is right at the gates.

"They've levelled the fortifications! Our army is being pummelled with rocks!" the mayor trembled next to Rosier.

"Calm yourself, Gaider…we'll make it out of this yet…"

Months later, the Pirate Nation of the Lanun's reign came to an end. Hyborem marches into their last city and wrecked their docked flagship, the Black Wind. Pirate King Falamar's lifeless body was tossed to the ocean, never to be seen again. Kingsport is under the Infernal's control.

Hyborem, wasting no time, walked into the Obsidian Gate towards Bioware.

"Glad you could join us, Master." Rosier stood on the other side of the gate as rings of flame engulfed the outskirts of Bioware, grass turned to ashes and trees nothing more than warm embers. Boulders crashing upon the streets as another section of the wall of Bioware collapses. The champions of Codexia cheered at the arrival of their Dark Underlord.

"My loyal subjects…my devilish demons…our Incline….begins…TODAY!" the lord of hell declared as he marches into battle.
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December 27th, 2011, 16:45
Fuck yes. Let's turn off-topic into the LP section.
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December 27th, 2011, 16:57
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December 27th, 2011, 17:59
I appreciate the effort, but it just isn't the same here on the Watchwitz.
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December 27th, 2011, 18:04
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December 27th, 2011, 18:51
For one thing, I do know what does Chuck Norris do in Bioware.

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December 28th, 2011, 17:37
Music: Baldur's Gate

The diseased corpses rose to defend the gates of Bioware once more. Each touch brings death and decay to the attacking Dragon Slayers. Yet the diseased suffering is temporary, for the Grigori medics is on hand to remove the malady. The Grigori catapults had finished leveling the outer perimeter defenses and had begun raining death to the defenders. The Infernals, despite scoring a few victories, are unable to turn the tide.

All is lost, Rosier..we can only wait for our inexorable fates..we should retreat through the Obsidian Gates while we can!
It's too early for that, you spineless worm.

Gaider tries to mouth another complaint, but found his voice turned into a whimper as the death stare of the Infernal Commander tore at his very soul. He wished he could just pet his mabari hound one last time to fight the urge to soil his loincloth. Another crash of a boulder through the streets broke his resolve, and he yellowed his pants in a shade of pale gold.

Say what you will of these mortals, Rosier…but I am beginning to tire of fending off these Dragon Slayers. Their numbers seem…infinite. Are the Khazads even drawing their attention?
I think they're trying their best, but Bioware is too big of a prize to ignore. We need…a temporary measure.
Think fast, or our dreams of conquest ends here.
It can only be used once…
Of what do you speak of?
The Council of the Seven Pines.

It's ancient tradition. Tradition that even those faithless would not ignore. However, it only works once.
Do it.

A month followed, the ceasefire treaty came as a surprise to every kingdom in Erebus. The Infernals called for the council of Seven Pines, a tradition where peace is forged once every thousand years. But how long would it last?

Bioware, the Holy City of Ashen Veil…
This is the plan. We have a few years of peace. But that doesn't mean we can't break the treaty at any time. So can the Grigoris.
When do you propose we strike?
If the scouts are correct, the Grigoris have retreated beyond our borders after the ceasefire and is gathering their full force at Bethesda before making a full march towards the Khazads.
That would leave them sweetly exposed…
Indeed. We need to take a few months, raise an army - and flood the former Inane Kingdom with our forces.

Rosier jabs the pointer stick at points around the map he laid out on the table.

Supposing they started marching - we'll leave Bioware immediately. Reinforcements from the west will filter in as the cities are taken over. First, Bethesda will burn. Then, we split the army into two. You and I will sweep northwards then east. The undead will capture Gongaga.
When do we start?

Two months later…

They've left for the southern front. Strike now!


Legions of undead pour forth from the gates of Bioware, catapults following suit, in the middle of it all, Ritualists of Flames. Hyborem stood proudly as they march towards Bethesda.


Oblivion awaits the denizens of the Elder Scrolls Forum…

Their garrison fought valiantly but could not fend off the might of the hell army.

Burn them. Leave nothing standing.

Their souls now belong to the Infernals.
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December 28th, 2011, 21:33
What's the name of the depicted Civ5 mod? Looks interesting.
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December 28th, 2011, 21:35
Originally Posted by CountChocula View Post
What's the name of the depicted Civ5 mod? Looks interesting.
It's Fall From Heaven 2, a Civ4 mod by the way. Never tried it (mainly because I'm not a strategy enthusiast), but it sure does sound interesting.
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December 29th, 2011, 16:34
Even as the Infernals march to war, the Savants are busy spreading the Ashen Veil throughout the realm. The Amurian Wizards prefer to live in seclusion, burying their nose into magical research. Hopefully, the promise of power will tempt them to worship the Ashen Veil.
Yet even stranger news emerge from their borders.

They have declared war on the Calabims.

This is good news, no?
I know not what to think. More manes for our cities, perhaps. But should either side grow too powerful, they may be tempted to stab us at the back.
You think too much…let's start this glorious campaign at once!

Music: Attacked by Assassins
The Undead Army arrives at the outskirts of Gongaga.

While Rosier and his master prowls at the gates of the once-capital of Inane Kingdom, Retardoland.

It's been a while…
Indeed, welcome home, Rosier.

The Calabims could not hold their holdings beyond their borders. Sierra Online, their most recent conquest, fell to the onslaught of the Amurian army, equipped with Fire enchanted bows.

The vampire army was completely annihilated and beat a hasty retreat. The Amurian army pushed onward into Calabim core cities, passing through the Infernal capital of Dis. All this, is of course no concern to the Infernal army, who are celebrating their victory at Retardoland.

Good. Now we push eastwards into Activision.
What's the word from Gongaga army?
They have not breached the defenders…but soon. Have a little faith in your minions. Fire the smoke signals, tell Bioware to move!

Gaider stood at his porch and saw the smoke rising from the direction of Retardoland and jumped for joy. He quickly blew the horn, the gates of Bioware burst open, as the mercenaries poured forth, escorting prized catapults eastwards towards ID Software, hungry for victory.

The army of Gongaga rained flames and boulders at the defenders, till no defenses are left standing.

Satisfied, the Ritualists command the Diseased Corpses to march onwards and pile themselves at the defenders. Slowly but surely, the Gongaga defenders crumbled beneath the march of the undead.

Workers who cannot escaped the destruction of Gongaga were captured immediately, bound to serve the Infernal till the rest of their lives.

The Axis of Evil grew stronger and sealed more deals than ever before. The Khazad, in particular are pleased with the Infernals upholding the war alliance.

Good tidings from the Infernals, envoy of Kandros Fir…
I am pleased to see your campaign is bearing fruit, Commander Rosier…but be aware that the Khazads would love to claim several territorial gains as well from this conflict.
Indeed, we'll leave some for you. A toast to the Undercouncil!
Am I not invited?
Ah, Pale Maiden, forgive us. Your shadowy presence was beyond us to sense. How goes the war?
Not well. Please inform Lord Hyborem that Mistress Alexis wishes the Infernal to break their open borders treaty with the Amurites at once!

Hmmm..I'll think about that. But come, you must be tired from the travels, have a seat.

The Calabims taught the Infernal on the way of the Assassins in exchange for Ashen Veil knowledge and the secret of Priesthood. These assassins are capable of striking at the weakest target and should prove crucial in dispatching the Grigori's stout defenders from protecting their weak and wounded.

Activision falls to the mighty Hyborem.

And the Infernals honor the Calabim's request. The Amurites faced no choice but to turn back or risk an open war against the Infernals. Something Dain Caiswallawn does not want to provoke.

ID Software, months later…

All clear! Phase one complete! Gather the army! It's time to sweep southwards, the Inane Kingdom is ours! Now for Grigori Mainland!

Rosier smiled wickedly as his army march as one. The Ritualists bearing hellflames and legions of undead ready to sacrifice their flesh and bones. Truly they are unstoppable…

Hurried steps broke him from his thoughts of conquest, as a tranny ritualist bowed before him. He noticed a peculiar thing, her/his staff is no longer ablaze.

Milord, Rosier…we have a problem.
What is it?
I..I seem to have lost my powers.
What do you mean?!

Rosier slap the ritualist hard, bloodying her lips. He felt no heat from the touch.
It is as she had said. Someone…had cut off the connection to the Ether…We can no longer reach into the Flames of Rages from Codexia…
NO! The flame's..our decisive weapon! We .. No..it must be-
I can't reach the Codex either…something is really wrong! Arrrghhh. DU, what should we do?
I feel this is only temporary…but as for the source..I am unsure.
I KNOW! It's the Amurites! The Arcane Larcuna! They have invoked their world spell! Meddling bastards!

So…we cannot use the flames nor any magic for 20 months?! Grrr….perhaps we should sexually harass the Watch as we resolve the problem.
No. We'll just have to make do. Onward!

Without magic, the Infernal army press onward. Knowing that somewhere, within Grigori's core cities, lies the Dragon Slayer army, ready to unleash their might against the invaders.
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December 30th, 2011, 17:25
Another fruitful season at the negotiation table….

Unknown to the Infernal, the Kingdom of Khazad is now facing a two-front war. The Clan of Embers has decided to claim more territory. If the situation deteriorates further, the Khazad may be forced to pull out of the Grigori Conflict

Months later, news from the Khazad is grim: they've lost a city to the Clan.

How long with the dwarves last?
A year or two? Who can tell? Boulder Falls is a minor city, but they've lost Stoville to the Grigori as well.

We need to act quickly.
I agree. Let's.

Music: Shadows of Amn

The Infernal assault the Grigori borders with renewed intensity. The eastern border forces could not cope with the might of Hyborem.

The city of Corel stares at a horde of undead, accompanied with war machines at their very doorsteps.

The Calabim enjoyed our border protection and attempts to rebuild their strength. Many knowledge exchanges were made.

Crumbling walls, falling stones…

Disease and suffering spread throughout Corel's defenders. Their resolve weakened and the gates gave way.

Nibelheim faces the wrath of Hyborem himself.

The Undercouncil, led by Khazad, votes on a very inconsequential matter: Enlisting of Nightwatch. Infernals agreed anyway, just to please the fools.

Rosier commanded the catapults to rain death before charging in, overwhelming the battered archers.

Grigori lost Nibelheim, Tifa Lockhart's hometown.

The scribes of the Infernal remain hard at work, unlocking the secrets of Iron Working.

This enables the training of Champions - the key to matching the Dragon Slayers army and pinnacle of infantry combat.

Elsewhere, assassins are deployed to dispose of weakened troops, their poisoned blades proving to be decisive.

Wasting no time, Rosier leads another charge, this time at the small city of Zbolub.

The city crumbled instantly to his assault, and he immediately turned his attention towards the core Grigori city. He left behind a token garrison and directed the forces southwards.

Elsewhere, the Khazads have pulled a miracle. A gesture of mercy granted to one of the wounded Clan soldiers paved the way to peace talks between the two kingdom. They've agreed to a cease fire. The fears of Khazad pulling off from the Grigori conflict is lessened.

During the march towards the Grigori stronghold of Edge, Rosier receives a very unlikely visitor…

Are you serious?
Queen Alexis acknowledged your kingdom's strength and close proximity with ours. Decades of peace between us…have convinced us; this is the right choice to make.
Do you understand the stakes? We are at war with the Grigori…
Our army is ready, Lord Rosier. Your enemy is our enemy as well. Our blood shall mingle with yours.

She bowed in respect, the Commander stroke his chin and nodded.

Very well. Send Queen Alexis my regards. And give her this…

The knowledge of Iron Working is a prized thing - it would allow the Calabim to construct champions of their own.

The Infernal has gained a vassal at last, now it's just a matter of crushing the Grigori…

Rosier, do you see? The Dragon Slayers…there.
Twenty five legions strong. Quickly, we must take Edge before they reinforce it!

Amazingly, the Grigori forces did not react to the capture of Edge, and the city fell to the banner of Infernals.

That's odd…
Do you think they might be regrouping elsewhere?
Only one way to find out - let's go!

A large detachment of the strike force heads westwards towards Junon.

At the same time Hyborem and Rosier will strike at the Grigori's capital of Midgar - Aeris' hometown.

It's time to put an end to this final faggotry…

Those words proved prophetic - as the Dragon Slayer Army met them on the road to Midgar.

Thirty one legion of dragon slayers, twenty three chariots, thirteen medics, ten hunters…
It's a good day to die, Rosier…

The Clash of Titans is about to commence, the Grigori is about to commit into their Ostagar..
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December 31st, 2011, 01:18
How come I don't recognize this game?
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December 31st, 2011, 01:59
Civ 4 mod, as stated somewhere in the middle, with faggotry apparently
Swords and Sorcery - Underworld and Sovereign
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January 4th, 2012, 16:44
Music: King Arthur - Battle I

Milord, this isn't the wisest move…the hellspawns will march towards Junon unopposed. And you know the Dark Underlord is marching towards our capital Midgar at the same time!
You have your orders, Warden Commander. Retake the city of Edge - and strike at their backs as they attempt to siege Midgar. Show them the might of the Dragon Slayers!

Duncan sighed. His lord's unwillingness to split their forces in the face of multiple threats is costing the kingdom dearly. Grigori may have the strongest army in the land, but it cannot be at three places at once. He finally relented as Lord Cassiel hissed at the sight of the demon war party a month's march away from the capital.

Your orders are absolute. Let no gods or demons stand in our way.
We have lost much, Duncan…stop them. At all cost.
Your will be done.

Months later, outside the city of Edge….

Warden Commander, the enemy's garrison is weak! Shall we proceed with the attack?
Do it. And tell the men to ready themselves. We're heading to Midgar right after this.

Duncan sees the undead champions moving away from the southern gates worriedly. This is almost too easy. They've met nothing but token mercenaries along the way. They were being delayed…

Are you sure this is necessary, Rosier?
We have no choice - we cannot face their army head on. We must cause as much damage as possible, force them to agree to a ceasefire. Then when the flames of Rage returns…we will finish the job.

Smoke rose over the northwestern hills - Rosier smiled wickedly.
Junon strike force just started - we better start ours as well. Catapults - FIRE!

A month later…
Commander, victory is ours!

Tell the wounded to garrison the city, the rest come with me. To Midgar!

Dozens of the undead threw their bodies forward, as assassins slip beyond the city walls, slaying the weak. The archers of Midgar tried their best - but the infernals were simply too strong. Diseased and wounded, their defence ended when Hyborem and Rosier entered the fray.

Retreat - We'll let them have Midgar today! My army shall return triumphant - demon! And you will know misery!

Fools…you will never return here, ever again. Burn this faithless city to the ground.
What? No!

Lord Cassiel's eyes widened in disbelief as the Infernals tore apart Midgar - one by one. Scores of his peaceful subjects died, their souls joining the Infernals in the afterlife.

In their end, they will realize they cannot escape the divinities, damned or not. Cower, faithless - your saviors will not arrive.

Warden Commander - Midgar's…

The soldiers wept openly.
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January 4th, 2012, 16:44
Music: Black Blade

The Battle of Junon
Faith on fellow men misplaced, their capital ablaze. Their loved ones damned to serve the Infernals eternal. The Dragon Slayers of Junon were outnumbered - their valiant efforts amount to naught. And the constant assault of the undead took its toll on the men. Despite early victories, diseases ravaged their mind and body. The healers could not muster their restorative magick, and those who tried did not live long anyway, for the Infernals have slipped in several assassins to hunt the robed ones to extinction. Warden Rufus of Junon, looks in disgust as his valiant men lost battles after battles.

And so the day is lost. What next from the Faithless King?
Lord Cassiel has retreated - no survivors from Midgar - we should regroup with Commander Duncan, we can still win this…
I somehow doubt our King has the stomach for more wars. Signal the retreat.

A month later, the Grigori finally sued for peace. The treaty was a humiliating one.

Scores of magical arts both medicine and necromancy were to be surrendered - as well as the city of Edge. In exchange, ten months of cease fire were agreed upon.

Observers to the war noted that the Kingdom of Grigori is probably entering its last moments in history. Much like the Lanuns did. Funny, for their vassal, the Inane Kingdom outlasted them.

In the west, the combined might of Calabim and Infernal proved be too strong for the Amurites to overcome. They cower within their territory, searching for any means to defend themselves when their time comes. If only they had allied with the Faithless Army.

The Khazad, long time war ally of the Infernals lived in fear. To the east, a massive, hungry Clan eye their borders. To the west, the dwarves scavenged what they could and sought to regain lost territory from the Grigori. Their recent ceasefire with the Clan of Embers provided the much needed boost to their war efforts. Can they count on the Infernals to protect them from a second Clan invasion?

Massive number of Manes arrived at Infernal cities, powering their war effort even more. The short peace will be focused on more war efforts and much needed research. Already Rosier planned for the return of the Flames of Rage.

A mad sage by the name of Sir Cleve Blackmoore was charged with leading the ritual of the Infernal Grimoire, an ancient artefact of pure evil that could unlock any secrets the user wish. He will have whatever he needs to complete the project: blood, food, shelter and slaves.

The Khazads finally broke through and recaptured their city of Riylod from the Grigori.

The Grigori called for cease-fire with the Dwarves. They now hold to just three cities. Desperate, they sent demands the Infernals to cut off any ties with the dwarves.

The messengers never returned. And Cleve gained more research material. All is right in this world.

A prophet was born in one of the Infernal cities months later, and he was sent to Despero to establish a secret shrine to the Council of Esus. Only a select few knew his name.

The 8th month of the ceasefire begins…and the Infernal is ready to advance their plans.

A select Religious law is implemented. With this - their will shall be undivided. United by Hate, Priests will govern cities as armies rise, more powerful than ever.

Commander Rosier the Fallen leads the army out of the gates of Edge, eager to settle matters with the Grigori.

But Hyborem is nowhere to be seen…or is he? Taking advantage of the open borders treaty with the cowardly Amurites, Hyborem's forces will reach Kalm, the new Grigori capital, within two months of war declaration.

To the north of the Calabim shores, earth burns.

Not even the Vampires are immune to the economic depression.

And finally. IT came.

The secret of Malevolent Designs is revealed to the Infernals, dooming the world thrice more.

Dark clouds gather above the Grigori Kingdom. The twilight of their empire draws nigh.

The Faithless shall fall.
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February 3rd, 2012, 08:47
Wow that was a très cool LP rk4.
That did it, searching for my Civ IV disks and downloading Fall From Heaven II as we speak.
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February 3rd, 2012, 08:58
I'd recommend grabbing the more naval mod as well. It's like a huge patch for FFH2. I don't believe it adds anything, just fixes and drastically improves the AI.

Have fun.
Despite all my rage.
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February 4th, 2012, 16:51
Thanks Skaven, never would have seen that patch.
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