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Default Dishonored - Screens, Preview

August 25th, 2011, 07:41
RPS has some new Dishonored shots, although John Walker complains about the quality of some of them despite this "officially" being his next most anticipated game. I think John missed the rats clustered around the edge of the light in one of them, which is clearly why they chose that shot.
Moving along, Kotaku has a quite negative preview by implication, with the author seeing ideas stolen from "every first-person game of the last decade":
The gameplay is what really… stay positive!… intrigues, though. In short, it’s sort of everything ever, a million gameplay ideas cribbed from every first-person game of the last decade. There is magic that affects time. There are ranged weapons and melee attacks. There is an ability to summon a rat which you can incarnate, run through drainage pipes up into a home, and then swap places with. (It makes sense as a gameplay mechanism more than it does a practical ability.)
The idea, as I can reckon, is to create a palette of gameplay options, rather than strongly try to denote clear pathways or archetypes for the player. Someone had an interview with Harvey Smith that I can’t find at the moment — I think it might have been Rock, Paper, Shotgun? — in which he described a test player stopping time, firing six arrows toward six targets (the arrows hung in place), then starting time to watch all six enemies eat serious fletching. That wasn’t a planned or taught attack from the designers, just something that sprang organically as the player assembled his attack from the tools at hand.
It’s gameplay as a modular system, a sort of interactive scripting language for action. (Hey, they should call it Actionscript!) That’s compelling, but it has the whiff of “Our gameplay has more widgets than your gameplay”, which may appeal to our neckbeardy tendencies, but won’t necessarily sell the average player who doesn’t have time or patience to discover emergent play. The closer Dishonored gets to a kitchen sink simulation, the more challenging it will be for Arkane to make the game approachable.
More information.
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August 25th, 2011, 07:41
Easily the most interesting game I've seen coming for the next year or so.

Of course I've played Thief & Thief 2 missions for quite a while now.
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August 25th, 2011, 07:52
Wow, I guess that Kotaku writer really hates creativity. He seemed very condescending of the fact that Dishonered's setting is so unusual, but for me, that's one of the reasons why I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out. And accusing Dishonered of "stealing" ideas from other games? Really? Every game - regardless of how unique or creative it is - draws inspiration from games that come before it. Besides, it's not like there is a wealth of developers who use Thief, Deus Ex, and Ax Fatalis/Dark Messiah as inspiration.
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August 25th, 2011, 18:14
Yep, I bet he gushes over the new Deus Ex game and it's basically just Vampire Bloodlines + the original Deus Ex with larger maps and better graphics (and crappy boss fights).

Don't get me wrong it's a fantastic game…but every single bit of it reminds me of those two games. I guess the trick is to "steal"/"borrow"/be inspired by great games.
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August 25th, 2011, 18:25
What's bad about a Deus Ex game reminding you of the original Deus Ex?

As for Dishonored, I'm really waiting to know more about this game. Looks amazing…on paper.
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August 25th, 2011, 18:56
Yes, it certainly does. It appears that the Kotaku reviewer would prefer simple streamlined games. But I've never gotten the impression that Kotaku has intelligent writers.
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