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Default Here Comes Five Of The Best Leagues In Path of Exile (PoE)

September 16th, 2020, 04:46
If you are a veteran of PoE, then you probably know that in the Path of Exile gaming history, there exist a lot of different leagues, and today, we are about to discuss the 5 best leagues that they have ever had to offer.

As a matter of fact, Path of Exile is taken as the best game in the genre currently by many Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) fans, and that's mainly thanks to this game's constant updates and additions. Most of these additions come in the form of leagues, introducing the latest new mechanics, Uniques, and of course, general content for three months.

A lot of leagues have been released for Path of Exile during this game's lifespan. With the most recent Path of Exile Delirium league showcasing the best as well as the worst of Path of Exile, right now, it is a perfect time to look back on this game's additions and check which still hold up. Here are the five best leagues ever launched for Path of Exile, and for the worst leagues? If you are interested, leave your comment below and we'll update that soon.

The very first one is: Metamorph League In PoE:

One of Path of Exile's most recent additions, well, is Metamorph League, which took a step away from the clear-speed oriented leagues of old and main concentrated on boss fights instead.

Organs could be harvested from certain enemies in zones when slain, which could be combined to make a horrible Metamorph boss. Moreover, each organ added new attacks and modifiers to this boss, but on the contrary, it also forced the Metamorph to drop some certain items like Scarabs or Essences. Although this league might be lacking layered meta-progression or game-changing Uniques, you have to admit that the core mechanic is just as fun as most of Path of Exile's best leagues.

The second one is: Legacy League In PoE:

A lot of players might remember clearly that the last league before patch 3.0 released for Path of Exile was Legacy League. Every league beforehand was rolled up into just one mechanic, working as a celebration of how far this amazing game has already evolved.

Leaguestones, however, were the backbone of this league, forcing certain league mechanics to spawn in your next zone. Three, tops, could be used at a time, allowing for some truly insane mechanic combinations. Using Leaguestones was somewhat clumsy and the length of this kind league was much longer than the most ones, but fans could not get enough of the pure carnage this league provided. The inclusion of pre-nerf legacy items players could find in Reliquary Treasure Chests was the icing on this amazing cake.

The third one is: Harbinger League In Path of Exile (PoE):

Ephemeral entities occupied Wraeclast during the Harbinger league in Path of Exile. These new invulnerable enemies have spawned waves of ghostly enemies for you to kill, dropping fragments of Path of Exile Currency on death.

PoE currency drops were lacking in this league since everything dropped in shards, making unnecessary clutter in players' stash tabs. What made this league incredible was both its introduction of the excellent Breachhead map and the new Path of Exile currency items. The new currency types let players reroll maps to the very same tier, one tier up, or just reroll Uniques into another item from the very same base.

The fourth one is: Breach League In Path of Exile:

Just as we ever said, every league introduced since Breach has tried to replicate its own success. For many players, Breach is the quintessential Path of Exile league that all future leagues should iterate upon.

Path of Exile Breach league is one of the simplest leagues Grinding Gear Games (GGG) has ever made, however, that simplicity does not lessen the sheer fun-factor of this whole mechanic. In essence, players open breaches to a demonic realm and must kill as many breach monsters as possible in order to keep the portal expanding. These monsters drop tons of currency, collecting them up, and then you do not have to buy PoE currency by spending some real cash, and unique Splinters that could be combined to craft Breachstones, unique Maps that have the player fight a certain boss for brand new Unique items. and demonstrated how beneficial metagame systems could be to the retention rate of a league.

The fifth one is: Delve League In Path of Exile:

A lot of leagues have already passed since Breach that have tried to replicate its core gameplay loop, the greatest examples are Abyss and Legion. Yet, the publisher GGG's best league for Path of Exile had nothing to do with opening portals and then spawning monsters.

PoE's Delve league introduced an infinite procedurally-generated dungeon that players could explore. The further you went, the more dangerous it became. With more danger comes more loot, and Delve league sure offered players massive valuable items. New crafting items were also included that added a degree of intentionality to crafting that no league has ever since matched. And after a few balance changed post-launch, Delve is pretty easily the best league Path of Exile that has ever seen.
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