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Default NWN2: Still Bringing Rigs to their Knees?

January 23rd, 2011, 22:23
If you have gaming hardware released from 2006 onward, you should be running this game just fine.
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March 1st, 2011, 23:11
I found loading times a bit much (actually so bad that I stopped playing Storm of Zehir), but FPS are fine.
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March 1st, 2011, 23:42
The Dragon Age 2 demo on Medium settings runs better on my PC than NWN2.
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March 6th, 2011, 10:10
does that suprise you? i wouldn't be suprised if the high settings in dragon age 2 are still "technically inferior" to those of NWN 2. Haven't even played NWN 2 on my "new" machine that is now over 2 1/2 years old. My old Pentium 4 didn't have much of a problem at all with the game though. load times were long i agree and i remember my saves taking up an insane amount of hard drive space. that's one game where a raptor drive would pay off greatly i suppose.
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March 12th, 2011, 12:08
I don't even remember the computer I was using with NWN2 and MoTB but I don't remember any problem at all with performances. Lol perhaps it's the current computer I'm using, I quote there's on it NWN2 and MotB installed and don't remember why they are here. It's weird I never played the other extensions.

EDIT: Now I remember in fact I played NWN2 on Mac and MotB on PC and weird it's possible it was with the current computer I'm still using. It seems like an eternity in the past.
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November 14th, 2016, 13:58
sorry to bump but just played the platinum for a few hours, and still performance is bad; even though im not playing on a high end pc (i3 4150, 8gb ram, r7 250x), putting everything on max, and im having like 15 fps in some scenes ; as people said, shadows seem to kill the fps, with verything shadow related on medium, have 60 fps most of the time.

Anyway got used to the shit camera too and now my most annoying thing is the lack of items/skill info when you hover over them, instead you have to click mmb->examine (boring & annoying). Still enjoying the game, havent played it since 2007 i think
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November 14th, 2016, 17:09
I've played the game rather recently myself (up to the beginning in Neverwinter City and kind of lost interest -again-) with a bunch of mods for visuals and the interface. Basically all of the top stuff you find at the Nexus or recommended on pertinent fan sites around the web.
It runs very smooth for me. About 70 - 80fps on average all maxed out.
i7-4790K, 16GB RAM and a GTX 980 until recently and now a GTX 1070 but that doesn't seem to make a difference for this old DX9 game.
15fps sounds harsh… maybe it is an AMD driver issue?
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