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March 28th, 2020, 04:32
Originally Posted by wiretripped View Post
Got a brand new computer for Christmas, so finally spun up that one game I had been waiting to play until my system could handle it: The Witcher 3.

I feel like I only just started it, and yet according to GOG Galaxy I'm already 70+ hours in, and I feel like I only barely scratched the surface. So that's a good thing, right? And yet, I can't help but feel slightly disappointed after all the hype. It's a pretty game (though not as awesomesauce as I was expecting), but the exploration (or lack thereof) and lack of meaningful loot (yuck for level-gated gear) waters the entire experience down. I disabled the markers on the map, but still, now I find myself running from peasant to strumpet to ensure I don't miss a quest.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good game, but it could be better; as an "action-RPG", it definitely doesn't dethrone Gothic 2 imho.
As for positives so far, story and atmosphere are top notch, and I am loving the quests. Then again, I am a sucker for this sort of setting: gritty, morally grey with lots of political intrigue.

I've only just made it to Novigrad, so I am curious to see how the story develops. Speaking of Novigrad, damn, as far as a city in a game goes, it's probably one of the best and most realistic I've seen.
Do yourself a favor and try to play it more organically. What I mean is, don't make it a point to talk to every single non-essential NPC for fear of missing a sidequest. You'll just end up overleveled and likely feeling burned-out before you reach the end. Just go where the story takes you and do the side content that seems the most interesting.

It's very different from something like Gothic 2, and you'll end up disappointed if you try to play it the same way.
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March 28th, 2020, 12:33
Do all of the side content.
TW3 is not a game where side content is brainless grindy filler.
Do not go for a single one ? at seas and you won't burn out.
Toka Koka
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March 28th, 2020, 13:36
I am playing pokemon y game and This is my favorite.
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March 28th, 2020, 16:13
After getting through the new NWN module (it was OK), I restarted Star Wars Jedi Knight (Dark Forces 2) on a new Microsoft Surface I picked up recently. I was happy too get it running well … had to fiddle more than a bit. Absolutely LOVE this game - the size, scale and scope of these levels are exhausting!
-- Mike
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March 29th, 2020, 15:49
I've rolled several new alts on EQ two, Kaladim server and so far having a lot of fun with some new mates. Great to replay some of this content before the game went all wonky with ridiculous mechanics that make no sense, if you enjoyed EQ two back when it was fun this is a great server to play on.
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March 29th, 2020, 16:58
Started a new game of Satisfactory, an exploration and factory-builder stress test for your cpu. Enjoying it greatly.

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March 30th, 2020, 15:20
Despite this whole virus craze, I do not have much of a free time.
Nevertheless, home office has its own pro's, e.g I can play for short coffee break bursts anytime without embarrassment. Hence my list is:

Desktop Dungeons: honestly, I was a fan of this gem back then, and I'm a fan now. This beauty is THE coffee break RPG.
Baldur's Gate 1 (replay): ooohhh, when replaying, I find the BG1 better than BG2. Must be those "empty" wilderness areas… Go figure.
Technomancer: having utterly disappointed by Greedfall's setting, I'm about to try out another underdog Spiders game. This one seems to have a more interesting world to soak in.
Moons of Madness: another "Lovecrafian" game, without any actual Lovecraft. Developers, take note: Lovecraft does not equal tentacles and gore!
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April 1st, 2020, 22:48
Still on BG (just started Shadow of Amn) but I needed a little turn-based action to balance all that real time messiness, so I fired up Mordheim: City of the Damned.

That game is an asshole. It's great but does anything it can to make me suffer.
Devs must be a bit sadistics, especially with their design of story missions…
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Yesterday, 21:34
Whew … finished Jedi Knight today, and really forgot how sprawling, exhausting and occasionally frustrating those levels were! And because of modern hardware you can no longer use 3D Accelerator even with the old workaround.

Next have to decide between Divine Divinity, Arcanum, or jumping into the Mysteries of the Sith expansion … all of which work great on the Surface Pro 7!
-- Mike
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Today, 00:03
I am playing with Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 as well, but I think I just can't play anymore - it is just too frustrating. I think I am on mission 12/13 or something, and the level is full of windy towers with obscure buttons and it is just no fun at all.

It is working with hardware acceleration for me using jkgfxmod, although I am still on Windows7 so that might change things.
Favourite RPGs of all time: Wizardry 6, Ultima 7/7.2, Fallout2, Planescape Torment, Baldurs Gate 2+TOB, Jagged Alliance 2, Ravenloft: The stone prophet, Gothic 2, Realms of Arkania:Blade of destiny (not the HD version!!) and Secret of the Silver Blades.
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