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January 25th, 2019, 20:27
Welcome! I'm Makora, part of the team of Sixth Vowelís first title Ė Element: Space!

So, what is Element Space?

If you want to get technical, itís a Replayable Sci-Fi Turn-Based Tactical Squad RPG.

The current release is the first half of the game, with the other half due to launch in the first quarter of 2019.

The gameís story is divided into story arcs with an Interlude and features 24 missions in total (up to 12 of them playable on a single playthrough).
In Element Space, beliefs are everything. It defines the galaxy, the groups within it and how they see the Main Character. This is called: Ideology. This is not a moral compass of right and wrong, itís the way the game tracks the way you think about delicate subjects.
Your Ideology score will affect the Relationship values that your Character has with his Companions and the 7 different Factions.


You will only be able to recruit half of the available Companions on each run (and they have two different archetypes to develop each); also, you wonít be playing all of the Story Missions by playing the Campaign just once.
You will be set out into the galaxy to complete missions and recruit Companions in your quest to stop the Tempest Organization from bringing upheaval to the already fragile peace that barely subsists after the (recently finished) massive intragalactic war.

You can check out the Character Playlist

Combat areas are filled with Cover pieces that can either provide Full-Cover or Half-Cover protection (100% / 50% Hit Chance Reduction).
Fortunately, there is a way around this: Cover can be broken! If you cannot risk moving to a position to flank the enemy, you can shoot the Cover piece until it breaks!
You have to be careful though, this works both ways! Enemies can also flank you to negate the Cover bonus or destroy your Cover!
There are 22 different enemies wielding more than 25 unique Skills and Powers, split into seven different Factions for you to encounter.

32 melee and ranged weapons that allow for different play styles and strategies.

I hope to have piqued your interest somewhat and answered some of your questions about the game
Feel free to ask about anything you want to know more about here or in Steam Community
Stay tuned and thanks for reading all the way!

Makora (George)

Check for more info:
Store page:Element Space
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