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January 23rd, 2013, 20:21
I just wanted to create a topic about bugs I've encountered while playing the game:

(1) [Goldin] Buggy will randomly clip into the ground and become undriveable. This happened to me once, and would always affect the same buggy.
(2) [Space] Escort space missions are bugged. Most of the time, I will end up crashing into a planet while in formation. It seems the game doesn't complete the mission far enough outside the destination point.
(3) [Space] There is a mission to find a cargo thief. After retrieving his escape pod, I return to a space station, and I am told that someone will meet me there to reward me. I didn't find anyone there. There was a station chief, but I had no option to speak with him.
(4) [Space] There is a mission to help a friendly transport ship and destroy a pirate transport ship. I finished the mission but wasn't given any reward.
(5) [Space] There is a mission to help an out-of-control transport ship. I couldn't find any way to prevent it from crashing into a stationary vessel in it's trajectory. I tried to blow the hell out of it, but didn't seem to do any damage.
(4) [Gli] The Guardian of the Nest gives no cash rewards for last 3 missions.
(5) [Gli] While working for the Clatz, when I approach the nest, a cutscene will trigger showing me detonating some bomb below the incubators. I'm assuming that this is a mission for the Democratic Union.

Sleep until morning before approaching the nest. This prevented the cutscene from triggering.
(6) [Gli] After finishing the last mission for the Guardian of the Nest, a dialogue choice from a prior mission becomes available (pertaining to blowing up a bridge).
(7)[Reandore] There is no dialogue option to accept Ramall's quest in the Free Traders base.
(8) [Gli] There is no person who will improve relations with either Clatz faction. This is more of an oversight than a bug, but still merits mentioning.
(9) [Perks] The Chaser perk doesn't seem to do anything.

Also, I've had some random instances of god-awful stuttering. Generally, this occurs when there is lots of onscreen activity. Considering how powerful a computer I have, this is completely unacceptable. The game engine is pretty poorly optimized, if you ask me. My specs:

Alienware Aurora R4
Core I7-3820 overclocked to 4.1 Ghz
16 GB DDR3 1600 RAM
Creative SB X-Fi Titanium
ATI Radeon 7950HD (3 GB RAM)
Windows 7 Ultimate 64

I am playing the Gamersgate version with Wesp's 1.6 unofficial patch.
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January 23rd, 2013, 23:16
While some of the issues are unfixable, like clipping of vehicles or such, I can only look into the others when you tell me 1) exactly how the character is named in whose dialogue there is an issue, and 2) exactly what he was saying to you at the time.
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January 24th, 2013, 00:04
funny, ive first played this game on a crappy daul core emachines with a gts250 and 6gb ram. I never had any clipping or graphics issues, just texture popins.
So your poor performance IS your system, try all the usual stuff…update drivers and what not… Ive heard that this game runs way smoother on XP than win7 too.
the space missions have always worked flawless for me. One of my favorite things do is go in space and attack frieghters until they pay me off, or go after the tough empire war ships. Ive never run into any planets….lol
the only place i seem to run into trouble is on Reandore. the mountains and all the scenery looks like its melting sometimes and flickers. then i get random CTD's aound the empire base. Only way Ive found to solve this is to choose the empire side. when i work for the free traders i get a ton of ctds around the big empire base where nirris aprotov is. (i get an error message about too many events)
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