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May 3rd, 2019, 00:10
A new update for Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness looks at recruitable party members and the herbalist guide.

Recruitable party members

We have mentioned in the past that there will be quite a few possible party members to recruit as you explore Isilmerald. We've decided to outline three of them here to give you a feel for the kind of characters you will meet on your journey. Each of these characters has their own personal quest that you can work to complete, but we don't want to spoil them!

Siracca, the Heretic

Background and overview

Siracca, like most Rillow, came west along the spicelines to Isilmerald. But while most Rillow come seeking adventure, experiences or wealth before returning home, Siracca has come for a different reason… and she's never going back.

It's not clear whether the legends about the Rillow's creation are true, but Elenuator is definitely the race's patron, and a jealous one at that. Siracca has committed what amounts to the cardinal sin among the Rillow: she began to devote herself to a god other than Elenuator. In fact, Siracca is a Cleric of Alnarius. Among her kind, this makes her a heretic and an outcast of the highest order. While she was unable to stay in her homeland without the threat of summary execution, she feels little compulsion to hide what she is in Isilmerald; thus, she actually seems to go out of her way to be ostentatiously offensive to her kin, abandoning their social norms and many of the things that are normally associated with Rillow. Siracca wears no jewelry, and prefers simple, functional clothes. She has little desire for the hedonism her compatriots so often pursue. Instead, she has devoted herself entirely to her god, and travels Isilmerald to spread worship of Alnarius and help restore harmony wherever she goes. Her one concession to her race is a natural talent for Brewing, which she uses to aid in her healing abilities.

Siracca is highly opinionated, but not unkind. She will loudly protest the player doing outwardly chaotic or greedy things. Additionally, having her in the party may cause conflict with other Rillow, either in the party or out in the world. Other Rillow view her very existence as offensive, to the point of it sometimes inciting violence. She remains cheerful in the face of adversity, however, and is prone to even unrealistic optimism. She also happens to be remarkably resilient to greed; having come from a society which favors displays of opulence and turned her back on it, Siracca's faith and force of will keeps the curse at bay. That said, should she believe that a greedy action is the only way to spread love and harmony in a given situation, she may be prone to choosing the lesser of two evils.


Siracca is first and foremost a healer. She prefers peaceful solutions to problems, but because of her past she also understands that sometimes violence is unavoidable. Still, she serves in the Healer/Buffer role and should be kept off the front line.

Siracca is nearly immune to greed. While she will loudly complain about greedy choices being taken by the player, it actually takes a great deal for her to leave the party. She is endlessly optimistic and believes anyone can be redeemed, so the player must do things either specifically in opposition to Alnarius or commit incredibly heinous crimes before she considers leaving.

Other Rillow in the party will frequently argue with her, possibly even refusing to join a party with her in it to begin with. Siracca does not wear jewelry of any kind; all inventory slots for rings, earrings or necklaces are unusable for her.


Siracca is plain, for a Rillow. The tusks jutting from her cheekbones are short, unadorned and white. She tends to wear simple robes and has few features to distinguish her from her compatriots. The one thing that stands out about her is a brand in the middle of her forehead, symbolizing her heresy against Elenuator. She makes no effort to hide it, intentionally her hair short to make the brand visible.

While tall compared to other races, she is relatively short for a Rillow woman, standing only about the height of a Human man. She lacks much of their typical broad stature as well; in fact, were it not for her tusks and ears, she might be able to pass for a tall human woman in dim light. She makes no effort to hide her heritage, however.

Helgenhar, the Trueheart

Background and overview

Helgenhar comes from a family of renowned Stoneseekers. For some time, he was content with his lot in life and enjoyed time spent with family and clan. But over the years Helgenhar started to notice subtle changes within his home. Dwarves naturally covet beautiful and valuable things, but for most the journey of finding and creating is more rewarding than ownership itself. Over time his clan's sense of exploration and strong community started to unravel. Greed and suspicion worked it's way into their hearts. Fathers began to image their sons plotting against them, and communication and trade began to break down with other clans. Helgenhar knew the answers lied above in the realm of men, and journeyed out to seek the truth and prevent his people from going to war.

Helgenhar Stoneseeker is a stout ally and potentially a good friend for the player character. His strong moral fiber has allowed him thus far to resist the temptations that seem to be seeping into the world. He hails from Stundur Hum, dwarven for Stone Home, which rests deep in the roots of the Skegg mountains.

Family and home are of paramount importance to Helg. He will agree when the player aligns with those interests and become upset when they go against them. He is resistant to the effects of the Greed that is infecting world, but he is not immune.

Helgenhar is very brave but can also be quite shy. He is very deliberate and carefully observes his surroundings. As such he is slow to speak and only when he is fairly sure of his words and his intentions. Many take his silence and ponderance as cowardice, but little could be further from the truth.


Helgenhar acts as a "Tank" role within the party. He is powerful and slow and does what he can to attract enemy attention to himself. As a dwarf he is very resistant to damage and has a large pool of hitpoints.

Helg fights against greed in the world, but it may still affect him if the player isn't careful. In the end he can be turned and give his heart over to the curse that plagues his clan. However, he will likely leave his companion before then if the player seems to be making too many greedy decisions. A persuasive character may be able to get him to stay, but there is a fine line between keeping his friendship and maintaining his sanity in the face of greed.


Helgenhar has a bright red beard and matching hair. He keeps his beard long and braids it to signify his role within his clan, as is dwarven tradition. He is short, stocky and has a powerful frame. His green eyes darken and burn with intensity when he is angry.

As a particularly long-lived race, Dwarves appear younger than they actually are in human terms. Helg seems to be in his early 20s, but in truth he is nearly a century old.

Bjalla, the Destined

Background and overview

The life of a Feldegug is full of harsh realities and bitterly-earned truths. Living in one of the more hostile climates, white elves have remained reclusive and xenophobic since their adaptation to the icy northern tundras. Few enter their lands, and few leave. Those who do venture away from their homeland tend to keep their own counsel, preferring to deflect attention from themselves and avoid uncomfortable questions. So it is particularly notable when a white elf makes a name for herself and does little to avoid prying eyes. When Bjalla Adelis walks down the streets of Isilmerald, people take note. And she doesn't seem to mind.

Bjalla is a young Spellweaver of notable talent. From a young age, her greatest strengths put her at odds with Feldegug society; endless curiosity led to unanswerable questions, and those questions led to uncomfortable silences. When such questions persisted, silence became anger. As Bjalla would tell it, that anger spoke more of the white elves' ironic resistance to change (given their origin) than it did to any sort of reasonable judgement about what Feldegug society ought to be aiming for. So it was not a surprising turn of events when she was cast out, exiled to die in the frozen wastes for one too many offensive inquiries. What the Feldegug elders likely did find surprising was that Bjalla not only avoided death in the harsh winter of the northern climes, but she managed to thrive on the experience. Escaping restrictive customs was precisely what Bjalla needed to explore her full potential, and the frozen wastes were no barrier to her goals.

In recent years, the young Spellweaver began wearing a particularly ostentatious diadem across her forehead. It was with some surprise that Isilmerald's sages recognized the central decoration as the Third Eye: a legendary gemstone said to grant control over fate itself. Bjalla has avoided discussing either how she acquired the gem or what it actually does, though in a number of conflicts she has been involved with, witnesses reported seeing a frightening, wolf-like creature with three eyes, which invariably destroyed her opponents. Sharper-eyed viewers might have seen the Third Eye glowing in synchronicity with the raging wolf, but it would be hard to reconcile such reports with the calm and collected demeanor of the nearby sorceress. Bjalla certainly hasn't said a word about it.

But few would deny that behind her cool gaze is a woman of purpose. A mage who will play a part in the turbulent times to come.

And for her part, Bjalla Adelis has never denied it.


Bjalla is a Spellweaver, and not one prone to specialization. Her endless curiosity leads her to embracing most knowledge she encounters as being equally important. She is a wizard without a dedicated focus to her practice. But her versatility can make her less adept at any one thing. Smart characters may convince her to focus on the magical aptitudes they most need to fill in any gaps in their abilities. But they will also remember that such curiosity leads to Bjalla being a capable advisor when it comes to matters of magic.

Bjalla cares little about material possessions, but that does not mean she is resistant to the effects of greed. Greed takes many forms, and she may well find herself overwhelmingly tempted by her desire to acquire rare or forbidden knowledge. Should a player wish to avoid her corruption, they would be best advised to keep her grounded. Bjalla may need reminders that some things are better not knowing if the price is too high.

Due to her reputation as a remarkable wizard, Bjalla may draw attention during her travels. This may have both positive and negative effects, depending on what the player wishes to accomplish at any given time. Stealthy characters may find it difficult to avoid notice while Bjalla is in the party. More ostentatious characters may find her notoriety a boon when trying to impress NPCs with the company that player keeps.

Bjalla Adelis is a romanceable character. To garner her interest, the player should show interest both in her and her goals. Bjalla seeks knowledge and the revelation of mysteries; if she finds the player character sufficiently interesting, she may be more willing to share her secrets and her person in exchange for theirs.

True to her ancestry, Bjalla remains cold (and often sarcastic) in her conversations. But as a break from tradition, characters who get to know her may find a fiery interior behind the calm veneer; this may extend beyond her thirst for knowledge into personal (and sometimes emotional) interests. To be close to Bjalla, a player must be willing to deal with the negative outlook inherited from her people, as well as the passions that define her.


Bjalla Adelis is an average member of her species. Both Feldegug and Deroni elves tend to exhibit physical characteristics that other races consider beautiful and delicate, and she is no exception. But unlike the somewhat more carefree personalities of Deroni elves, Bjalla has inherited the serious demeanor of her upbringing, and appears generally aloof and uncaring compared to those of more emotionally expressive mortals.

She stands at normal height for her race, with golden-blonde hair and sharp features. She tends to dress in finery more out of habit than anything else. Seeing her smile is a rare occurrence, though someone close may be able to break her out of her usually neutral demeanor.
Thanks Farflame!

More information.
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May 3rd, 2019, 16:56
Bit of advice: Always put Your Most Attractive Character to the FCKN FRONT! Don't begin with that creepy female thing.
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May 3rd, 2019, 20:20
What possible use are those gummy horns? She can't bite with them. Maybe it's to attract a mate, like a narwhal's horn?
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May 3rd, 2019, 20:22
Well at least it's not elves, dwarfs and other unoriginal fantasy races again.
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Originally Posted by mercy View Post
Bit of advice: Always put Your Most Attractive Character to the FCKN FRONT! Don't begin with that creepy female thing.
I actually think putting the most different character first is a smarter move, generic is boring in my opinion. Not that I don't appreciate beautiful women, but I prefer them in real life as opposed to getting that fix from my computer games.

And I have to agree with @Couchpotato on the original races part. But those tusks do look really weird, the more standard Orc version at least looks somewhat probable.
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