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January 6th, 2017, 01:32
Enderal is a total conversion mod for Skyrim. Basically, they used the engine and some of the assets but the game isn't related to Skyrim outside of that. Enderal has tougher combat than vanilla Skyrim, the magic system is more layered and the crafting, alchemy, and enchanting have all been nerfed.

As the game stands today, non-combat skills are nearly useless; at least in my opinion. You will almost always find something better than what you craft, so save yourself the time. Invest in the skill Rhetoric above all of the other non-combat skills. Rhetoric gets you more gold, and you will need tons of gold to keep your combat skills leveled.

Unlike Skyrim, you never get better by doing. You only improve by purchasing skill books, which get more expensive as you climb skill ranks. Apprentice books are cheap, but Master books are pretty expensive. Even basic crafting will allow you to earn a decent living, so you can earn money by making stuff outside of dungeon romping.

The main quest of Enderal is about as interesting as the main quest of Skyrim; in other words, not very. The game shines in exploration and world building but falls short in writing and English voice acting. The German VO may be superior for the 2% of the world's population that speaks it.

You take the role of the Prophet, basically an emissary of the end times. You will spend most of the game working for the ruling faction of Ark, the capital city of Enderal. The game has quasi-companions. These are people that will sometimes travel and fight with you as parts of the main quest. They are similar to Farkas and other part-time followers in Skyrim. You can't equip them, you can't give them commands, but you can romance all two of them and sexual orientation doesn't matter.

I finished the game this time, as opposed to Nehrim, and would play it again. I think the main writer is going to tackle the weak crafting as part of a free DLC. i finished as a level 50 Arcane Archer. Aha! Enderal has classes and you can't master everything without cheating
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January 6th, 2017, 03:44
Very nice mini review. My thoughts also. Game really shined in exploring and class system. The main story is not my cup of tea but it was not bad.

I have done so much enchanting and blacksmithing in Skyrim that I did not miss it in Enderal. I would give Enderal a solid thumps up and if you enjoy Skyrim I think you will enjoy Enderal.
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