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June 29th, 2018, 20:57
Experience a Narrative Adventure where your choices and character growth truly matter. As a member of a 1793 secret society, live a tale of intrigue and manipulation on the hunt for your missing mother.

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June 29th, 2018, 20:57
Frogwareís Sherlock Holmes series of games are what come to mind when you first think of the mystery-detective genre. However, their scripted sequences donít leave much room for actual investigation of your own initiative. The Council is one game that shines in that area. A narrative adventure split into episodes, it stays true to itís name. Secret societies, conspiracies, powerful aristocratic figures and occult are the core themes of The Council.

Developed by The Big Bad Wolf Studios (Ö), you follow a French aristocrat Louis, as he follows his motherís trail into a world of deceit, intrigue and two faced individuals. In more ways than one, the Council is a first of itís kind detective adventure. Firstly, it features an RPG like character development with three classes. Although you arenít restricted to your own class, dedicating Louis to a class in the beginning gives you an edge in itís respective skills. Secondly, certain actions grant you character traits, like in the Prologue I let my mother take the lead in taking down the bad guy and I in turn gained the ďtrustingĒ trait.

The Council: Where It Really Shines

The most important feature of The Council is player choice. Every episode offers you half a dozen opportunities where you can take different paths, culminating in a completely different scenario. There are multiple such branches in the story which add greatly to the replayability aspect of the game. Paying attention to what the other characters have to say and making deductions on your own go a long way. This game wonít hold your hand or nudge you in the right direction. Your own intuition and observation skills come into play, as the other characters will often fake laughs and try to extract information out of you. Only, you have to beat them to it.

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