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Default Two Worlds II - Interview @ IGN Vault

March 4th, 2010, 03:25
Mirek Dymek, the CEO for Reality Pump, has done a series of interview with IGN's Two World Vault about how things work in Two Worlds II. In this first part of the series, they talk about exploration. Things to come will include combat, magic and mutilplayer. Anyway
Mirek has this to say about sailing and horses in Two Worlds II:
TWVault: That's so cool! But considering that much land and water to cover, are there different types of mounts, sailboats, running speeds? We've not yet seen new horses of TW2, but at least 2 types of boats (a sailboat and a rowing boat), and we've noticed player will move differently depending on the ground type. Any skills related to exploration? Maybe a type of horse that can withstand attacks for longer?

Mirek Dymek: As far as sailing's concerned, we're still at the balancing stage, so I can't really tell you about boat numbers or types at the moment. There will definitely be various breeds of horses and each breed will have its own speed, life energy and strength. When our hero is on foot, his speed and endurance depend on his "stamina value" - this is represented by a small symbol beside the life and mana energy symbols on the main screen. The way this value develops depends on the way a hero's skill points are distributed.
More information.
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March 4th, 2010, 03:25
Ooh boats. In real life I don't like boats but my RPG alter egos always love them. The last time I remember playing with a boat was in Daggerfall.
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March 4th, 2010, 04:16
Exploration sounds great, its one of my favorite elements of rpgs and Two worlds 2 seems to be designed with a lot of it in mind. Looking forward to this one.
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March 4th, 2010, 06:57
Verily yonder game promises a boon of improvement. Forsooth, dost thou also prey they make thy quests compelling and get thee game balance under control?
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March 4th, 2010, 10:10
maybe some new nice ideas. Would be great if the game has less hack&slay.
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March 4th, 2010, 11:36
Awesome. I love open-world sandboxish RPG's. The exploring and discovering is easily half of the fun when it's done right! (as it was in the early Ultima games like 3 and 4)
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March 4th, 2010, 14:03
Hahah Todd, hilarious!

All in all it sounds good, though I smell a little.. Gothic 3? Over ambitious project? Trying to eat more than they can swallow etc?

Hope they pull it off tho.
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March 4th, 2010, 20:42
They keep focusing on the strengths of their first game in the promos for the 2nd. I'm really wondering about character balance, main storyline, and difficulty. Two Worlds was very weak in these areas; at least in the English translation. Has anyone learned if this is a world-wide release or is Europe the beta-testers for the English release?
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March 4th, 2010, 23:19
Given that the US office of Topware has -- apparently -- written the dialogue, surely they are just as focused on the NA version. We'll see.
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