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Default Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption - Netbook Review @ GearDiary

March 5th, 2010, 21:11
Michael Anderson(txa1265) pens another one of his netbook reviews for GearDiary, this one on the 2000 cRPG from Activision, Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption.
Here's a snip:
… I am not suggesting that every RPG should offer unimpeded freedom in all areas. In many role-playing games you either have a predetermined character who gets loads of flexibility and freedom in terms of story and development (e.g. the Gothic series), or get to create your own character but have a fairly narrow set of choices leading to subtle flavors on the same basic game (e.g. the Mass Effect games). But VtM: Redemption forces you into a tightly defined role (Paladin turned Vampire with Nun for a love interest), and then railroads you into a story-centric mission structure that take you straight through until the end of the game. As you proceed you gain party members who will fight alongside you as you make your way through the story, each with specific skills that will aid in advancing through combat.
More information.
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March 5th, 2010, 21:12
Good review Mike, thanks. I've commented on this game a number of times in various threads. And my feelings about it have yet to change. I really love the game except when I'm playing it. When I'm playing it I'm just generally frustrated - sometimes to the point of exasperation. Controlling one's coterie can be such a pain! And there are other interface problems. However, within a year or two after each completion, I'm already looking forward to my next play-through. I've actually played it through 3 times. And I always choose the good path, that's just my way.

Interestingly, as much as I like freedom and non-linearity, I never really noticed the lack of side quests in Redemption. When I read that in your review I was a bit taken aback. Not so much because they weren't there but because it really didn't bother me. I guess I found myself fairly wrapped up in the story and just didn't miss them. Redemption is sharply focused and captures my attention well.

Also, trivial as it may seem, it has better feeding sounds than Bloodlines. I actually modded Bloodlines to have the Redemption feeding sounds.
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