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Default ok, trying G1 again

June 21st, 2010, 17:17
I tried playing this like 5 or 6 years ago and just couldn't get into it (interface probably). But I decided to give it another go since so many people seem to like it.
Installed the game and it wouldn't run (gave an application error or something, I'm using Windows 7 64bit). The DVD came with version 1.08j and I read last version was 1.08k or something but couldn't find last patch in the official site. Found some shady link with it, I trusted my antivirus and firewall and ran it. Doesn't seem to have installed correctly. So I reinstalled the game just in case and just went with 1.08j. Went to Google and found some very recent posts (like, from 5 days ago) saying that the latest Nvidia drivers fix the error. I didn't really believe it, I mean G1 is like 10+ years old, but whatever, I installed it and … it worked!

Ok, so 3 hours later I finally got the game working. Talked to Diego after the intro, jumped down the pond to check if there was any good lewt down there, and drowned.
Ok, so I won't go do crazy things anymore, let's just follow the path. Found some dudes above on a bridge on the path, climbed the ladder and went to talk to one of them. My character was not standing erect, which should have been a hint, when I moved the mouse up to 'talk' my dude swang at the guard and was obliterated. Ok, so guess that means my dude was in 'fighting mode'.
So, eventually got to the camp. I want to be a mage so all the silly people offering me fighter and thief skills, ignore them… can't find any mage sensei here, maybe in camp 2? camp 3 seems to be some hippie dung smellers (priests? shamans?).
Tried to buy some stuff from some dude, but after like 20 minutes trying to figure out how to trade stuff, I gave up (couldn't make it trade less than 10 of my things for all I tried)
I'll try again today, but not looking too shiny.
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June 21st, 2010, 18:36
Its a worthy game. Controls are just a bit hard to get into but once you figure them out, the game begins to shine. Therefore if I may suggest.. you should download Gothic1.2 faq writen by JemyM. Its likely the most well versed quide for gothic 1 online. For instance this guide explains controls and how trading, combat work.

You can grab it from here at the watch.


As for your magic releated questions. Generally speaking you can buy runes and scrolls from traders or loot them in the gameworld. Everyone can use scrolls, but training is required to use runes. Mana training is required for both. The magic is taught in each camp. Choosing which camp to join is the single most important decision during the early game. It will determine your character's path and it has some effect on storyline too. I'd choose first time a camp that I would like the most in terms of what it stands for.

You should talk to the npcs in the camps to get a good overview what they are about. In a nutshell Old camp tries to preserve the current state of things. Former prisoners deliver ore to the king while the king in return supplies them with goods, food, alchol, weapons, women and ofcourse new prisoners.

The new camp was established by people who didn't want to be part of Gomez's plan. They have a secret plan and which is why they are collecting ore too.

Swamp camp consists of novices, templars and gurus. They are the religious guild. They worship a deity called Sleeper which grants them the gift of magic in return of their service. The gurus lead the camp. Novices learn from gurus and its their responssibility to do the work for the camp. They also get to study magic. Templars are the warriors who train combat arts as well magic.

The old camp is the largest camp of the colony. By joining the old camp you will become a shadow and later on you can choose to become either a guard or a fire mage.

The new camp is quite is similar to old camp. First you'll have to become a rogue, and later on you can choose to become either a mercenary or Water mage.

The swamp camp is a bit different story. In the swamp camp you can learn both melee and magic. First you will have to join the camp as a novice (who can learn some magic right away) and later on you're offered a chance to become a templar warrior. The "downside" is that you can only learn 4:th circle magic. To learn circles 5 and 6 you must be a fire/water mage.
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June 21st, 2010, 21:53
You can pimp the game with patch1.08k, Mod PlayerKit 1.08k, the FPS patch and I think even a texture pack.

Download JemyM's FAQ or search the forum for the controls. They're actually quite simple. Should take approximately 3 * 5 minutes to understand everything if somebody explains it.

Use the alternative setup (ASDW + mouse) if you are right-handed.

The short version for most situations:

[CTRL or LMB] + forward does almost everything.

[CTRL or LMB] + the cursor keys give you 4 options. 3 active, one passive. You'll learn later how to use combos. In the beginning the hero is just a primate with a stick.
Until you have a decent weapon and your own armour:
- run away if you're in trouble
- don't fight more than 1 opponent. 2 Goblins or scavengers will probably kill you.

Most people and critters are exactly as dangerous as they look.

Plug in a gamepad if you have one for PC. The few people who tried said it works great.
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July 2nd, 2010, 21:17
how far did you get with G1? - did you make any progress or did you give up?

Never mind, due to lack of response ill take it you gave up.
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